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Pay Per Click v Organic Search

Posted by Ben Seldon

Pay Per Click v Organic Search

When your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is in full swing, why would any business need pay per click (PPC) advertising?  There are actually real benefits in pairing PPC with your SEO initiatives.

Pay per click advertising involves tools such as Google Adwords and others to bring your links to the top of search rankings.  There is a fee involved that is tabulated each time a user clicks on your link.  That fee depends on how you want your ad displayed, what geographic areas should see the ad, and how frequently the ad will display.  For example, you may want your bookstore business to come up every time someone in New York City searches for the word "book".

When compared to the regular "organic" search using only SEO, you can realize a boost when using PPC.  The key advantages to including PPC in your online marketing strategy are:

  • Instant results -you can see an increase in your web site traffic almost immediately
  • Small upfront expense - there is relatively very little upfront investmentppc firm
  • Manageable budget - you can set your own budget so that your PPC fees will not exceed a certain amount
  • Flexible - you can test certain pay per click words and phrases and adjust whenever you like
  • Exposure - your web site can be noticed more easily on a national scale or localized depending on your preference
  • Tracking - there are extensive reporting and monitoring tools available so that you can find out how well your PPC campaign is doing on a virtually real time basis
  • Competitive - PPC can put your business on a level playing field with larger corporations or major competitors

There are many options to set up a PPC initiative for your business based on the types of search terms to target, how many to use, categories or geo specific settings and more.  Seldon Marketing can help you incorporate PPC into your marketing strategy.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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