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Who is the Top Email Marketing Firm in America?

Posted by Ben Seldon

Email can be one of the most successful marketing tools, or it can become a marketing nightmare.  With the right strategy in place, you can avoid some of the problems with emails and use this resource to help boost your marketing

Top Email Marketing Firm Strategies

Bad email strategies often end up with very frustrated recipients who flag your emails as spam, or too many invalid email addresses that return as rejected.  The maintenance work and the updates can be enough to discourage even the best marketing professionals.

One of the best ways to make sure your strategy works well is to use a reputable email marketing firm.  The best firm will take your existing email list and build on it, plus implement a solid marketing plan to get the most out of the email campaigns.

Some of the most successful email techniques include:

  • Start with initial cleaning – review your existing email lists and your past email campaigns and assess the strengths and weaknesses.  Clean out invalid emails and make sure the addresses have the most accurate information possible.
  • Refocus on your target audience – revisit your target marketing persona and make adjustments where needed.  Do some analysis on the demographics and key traits to make sure your focus is on the right audience.  This can include a review of location data, income levels, frequently used web pages, and other information.
  • Create the best content possible – make sure the content of your email newsletters sends the right marketing message while also incorporating SEO and keeping the message entertaining.  The reader should have a call-to-action and be influenced to take that action when reading the email.  This includes using an attention-grabbing subject line, personalized messages, and informative content.
  • Consider the frequency – sending multiple emails a day may not be the best idea.  Research your audience and understand what their preferences might be in regards to emails.  Taking a survey of your email subscribers could be a good option, or you can create a frequency option as part of the email subscriber preferences.

An experienced email marketing firm can make sure your email plans are successful for your business.  For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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