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A Little Background...

Seldon Marketing has a different approach. We recognize that people can now simply avoid marketing they don’t want to see. It started with the remote control, which gave television viewers the ability to change the channel during a commercial, and has continued with the DVR, which allows viewers to fast forward through advertisements.

Rather than trying to gain the attention of people who aren't interested, our strategy is to market to folks we know want to listen. They’ve indicated that they're interested because they’ve made a search for a relevant term, they’ve opted in to an email campaign, or they’ve generated a lead through a call-to-action. This approach saves time and money as we only put our efforts into reaching people who are already looking for us. We focus on the needs of our clients and pride ourselves on generating new business for them by profitably marketing only to people who want to be marketed to.

While getting his MBA at Babson, Ben Seldon was introduced to Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot. For Ben, this meeting turned out to be life changing. All the marketing classes he had taken up to this point, which focused on impressions, billable hours, or requests for proposals, seemed antiquated after learning about the future of the industry - inbound marketing.

At Seldon Marketing, we focus on value-based pricing and have developed a revolutionary marketing firm that offers ala carte services. This way businesses can buy what they need without having to commit to a long-term contract or billable hours - a strategy marketing firms of the past used to line their pockets, but which wasn't necessarily best for their clients.