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3 Reasons Blogging and Custom Content are the Key To Online Marketing Success

Posted by Ben Seldon

How do you gauge online marketing success?  Is it an increase in the number of visitors to your business web site?  Is it a higher number of qualified leads?  Or perhaps it could be your overall conversion rate?  In all of these cases, blogging and custom content can be an integral part of your online marketing success.

Blogging and Custom Contentblog-writers

There are three key reasons to make blogging and custom content a priority in your marketing strategy:

  1. Boosting SEO – improved search engine optimization can be achieved with higher quality blog posts and content that is enriched with relevant keywords and phrases.  With a better search engine ranking, you will get more visitors, better leads, and higher conversion rates.  As the algorithms used in search engines become even more sophisticated, there is a greater demand for relevant content that is applicable to the topic searched.  With blogs, e-books, and other content that leverages SEO keywords, you can increase your chances for better rankings.
  2. Influence – great blogging and custom content can not only help to educate the readers, but it can also help to establish your company as an authoritative source on your industry products or services.  Building and expanding your influence can have a cascading effect to drive more visitors, better leads, and greater customer conversion rates.  Your content could be shared by others, which will generate more referrals and clicks to your site. 
  3. Multiple uses – the best blogs and content can be used in many places.  While it is important to post it to your corporate web site, the content can also be a link that is embedded in an email newsletter.  The links can be used as part of Facebook posts, Twitter, or even LinkedIn articles.  The content can be linked as a reference on industry forums as well if you desire.  For the investment in the best content, you can get a very good return with multiple uses in a variety of areas.

To make the most out of blogging and custom content, it is prudent to work with an experienced marketing services firm that can help you create the best content for success.

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