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Reviews of the Top Lead Generation Company in the United States

Posted by Ben Seldon

Discovering a top lead generation company entails researching lead generation company reviews. Input from other businesses about how online lead generation providers perform can provide valuable insight. Be wary of lead generation company reviews that are very generic and seem to only give basic statements.

Lead_Generation.pngLead Generation Company Reviews

To discover a Top Lead Generatation Company, look for reviews that include specifics on marketing-focus topics, such as these:

Reviews that include specifics on marketing-focus topics.

  • Conversion rate increase. The most important part of any lead generation initiative should be to increase conversions from visitors to customers.
  • Qualified leads. It is quite common for a marketing provider to claim they can increase the number of visitors, which is not the same as attracting the best leads that are most likely to turn into customers.
  • Target audience review and refinement. The top lead generation company will by hyper-focused on your business and your ideal customer profile.
  • Lead generation tools. There are numerous tools and techniques available to help generate quality leads including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), affiliate marketing, social media, blogs, content enrichment, and more. The best partner will be skilled in all of these areas and know which tools to use for your business.
  • Analysis and reporting. Receiving regular feedback on the progress of your lead generation project will help both you and your marketing partner to adjust if needed and know the progress. Some reports may include SEO analysis, web page visitors, social media activities, and more.

Not all lead generation company reviews are the same. Some can be very professionally written while others are simply honest feedback from a business. While gathering information on lead generation providers be sure to look carefully at their track record. Also, look into the industries they have served to get insight into their experience in your market.

Lead Generation Company

Look for partners tailoring online lead generation programs best suited to help you achieve your business's marketing goals. The success of your marketing plan may depend on the type of lead generation provider that you select.

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How to Find the Right Lead Generation Company in the United States

Posted by Ben Seldon

The United States is a great market for businesses from across the world to sell goods and services. One key first step for any business is to find a United States lead generation company that has the experience and capabilities to help you succeed in this highly competitive market.

United States Lead Generation Company

Lead_Generation.pngThe highest quality lead generation providers will be able to tailor a program that is specific to your business and help you succeed.

Do I have a marketing plan? Determine if your plan is ready to review with a lead generation company, or if the company should help you create or rebuild your plan.

  1. What are my lead generation goals? Evaluate your goals and then pair them with a lead generation provider that can help achieve them. For example, if you are planning to focus on a particular area of the United States, does the lead generation company have the ability to help in that area?
  2. What services will be needed? Lead generation companies have different levels of services. Some of the services to consider:
    • Blogs and E-books - help to develop strong content that captures attention and encourages conversions from visitor to customer
    • SEO - leverage search engine optimization to improve search rankings and attract the right types of visitors to your web pages
    • Social media - use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to reach your target audience for more effective engagement
    • Pay per click and other advertising - carefully manage paid advertising options for the most effective results and best use of your marketing monies
  3. What KPI's are important? The most common key performance metrics that your lead generation provider should deliver include number of web page visitors, target audience statistics, number of leads, and number of conversions.

Lead Generation Company

Discover the right lead generation company for your business by clicking the icon below - or, call 646.342.3162.

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How to Find the Top Inbound Marketing Agencies in the United States

Posted by Ben Seldon

The best inbound marketing agencies for your business are not necessarily the first ones at the top of a Google search. Before selecting a United States inbound marketing agency, consider some of the most important qualities and services based around your business needs.

United States Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound_Marketing_Whitepaper.pngDiscover the Top Inbound Marketing Agency.

To find the top United States inbound marketing agency for your company, review the following tips:

  1. What are your inbound marketing goals? Determine if you would like the agency to help review your marketing plan and refine specific goals with key performance metrics to make sure you get the most out of the partnership. For example, conversion rates are extremely important, but should you have metrics for qualified leads, visitors per web page, or other measurements?
  2. Are there specific services you need? The marketing agency should be able to offer different services and then tailor a program based around your unique needs. For example you may use pay per click (PPC) on a limited basis while putting a lot of emphasis on blogs, articles, e-books and other content.
  3. How much SEO do you really need? While all online marketing initiatives should leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to some degree, each company should evaluate how much and how frequently the keywords and search terms should be evaluated or refined. This could mean a review multiple times a week or a couple of times a month depending on your preferences and objectives. For example you may have "paralysis from analysis" if your SEO terms are constantly changing, but a healthy periodic review is always important.

The inbound marketing agency that you choose should take time up front to understand your business and your industry. The agency should have a solid track record showing their plan on launching inbound marketing campaigns and the level of follow up that the agency will perform.

Top Inbound Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies can vary greatly in the types of services and the quality of those services. Be sure to understand your specific business needs first before contacting the first inbound marketing agency on the search results list. Contact an inbound marketing expert now by clicking the icon below - or, call 646.342.3162.

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Find the Best Email Marketing Firm in the United States

Posted by Ben Seldon

Email continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies and tools available in today's high tech market. With the right partner, your email campaigns have:

  • Higher lead generationp360-computer.png
  • Better click through statistics
  • More effective conversion rates

United States Email Marketing Firms

Discover the best United States email marketing firms.

  • Current email list management. Assess how your email lists are currently managed and whether you will need the firm to help consolidate, create, or clean up the information.
  • Content creation. The best United States email marketing firms can provide content services to create exciting emails that will provoke the reader to take positive action.
  • Subscription lists. Your marketing partner can help to manage your subscription lists. Discover a streamlined process. Identify subscribers who opt out - as well as update new incoming subscribers.
  • Coordination with other channels. The firm should be able to maintain a consistent marketing message across all channels: social media, blogs, e-books, and your web pages.
  • Lead generation. One of the key functions of email marketing is to help generate qualified leads successfully converting into customers. Your marketing firm should work with you to make sure the emails are reaching your target audience and get solid leads for your business.
  • Reporting and analysis. The best marketing firms will have a regular reporting process in place letting you know how effective your email marketing strategy is and help you to benchmark against other businesses to measure overall effectiveness.
  • Innovation. Marketing firms should be able to deliver a steady stream of new ideas that will keep your email subscribers engaged and interested in what your business is doing next.

Best Email Marketing Firm

Businesses need a marketing partner taking the time to understand your company's marketing strategy. Discover a marketing partner who will evaluate your competition and make effective recommendations. Contact a Seldon Marketing Company Email Expert who can enhance your bottom line by clicking the icon below - or, call 646.342.3162.

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3 Pieces of Advice from a Top United States Blogging Agency

Posted by Ben Seldon

Top United States blogging agencies can offer a number of different services, such as content generation for blogs, e-books, and web pages through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and more. The top blogging agency will be able to tailor a solution based around your specific business needs.

Blogging Agency 

employment_staffing1.jpgBlogs can be a powerful marketing tool when used properly. Some of the key benefits of quality blogs are:

  • Establish your reputation as a credible and authoritative source for your industry
  • Attract the attention of quality leads that convert to customers
  • Increase your search engine rankings through proper use of SEO practices
  • Improve social media interaction and user engagement

When evaluating USA blogging agencies, there are some important tips to make sure the firm is able to provide the right level of content and services for your business:

  1. Understanding your target audience. The blogging agency should get a good understanding of your ideal customer including purchasing habits, geographic locations, related products, and frequently used sites or forums. There may be a need to review your target audience profile and gather more statistics, which the firm should be able to assist in this review.
  2. Coordinating with your marketing strategy. To make sure you achieve your goals, a review of your marketing plan and strategy should be conducted. For example, if you plan on announcing new products and services as one of your initiatives, your blogging agency should plan a series of blogs that are in line with this campaign.
  3. Note key performance indicators (KPI's). Your blogging agency should be able to recommend certain measurements to use for tracking the success of your blogs. Some KPI's may be web page visitors, conversion rates, qualified leads, subscribers, or other metrics.

Blogging Expert

Blogging entrenches your business as an authority in your industry. Increase your bottom line through the power of blogging. Click the icon below to speak with a Blogging Expert - or, call 646.342.3162.

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Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

Posted by Ben Seldon

To compete in today’s global economy, an online marketing plan must include a social media strategy. The challenge in social media can be filled with a lot of investment and misdirected efforts, making your social media marketing campaign falter. Even with its pitfalls and frivolous posts, social media is a marketing force to be reckoned with. Leverage this platform to generate leads and convert more customers for your company.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Screen_Shot_2015-06-23_at_1.52.35_PM.pngBefore abandoning your social media marketing work, note these important items:

  • The landscape constantly changes. Facebook and Twitter may be the primary social media sites today, however, new sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine, or YouTube can easily emerge as the leader in a matter of months. Be prepared to adjust to trending social media sites as they come and go.
  • Focus on your target audience. Some businesses may have a social media marketing strategy of existing on as many platforms as possible. While this is ok, it can stretch your resources thin. Instead, analyze where your ideal customers go and put most of your efforts on those social media sites. For example, your legal practice may find most of your clients use LinkedIn on a regular basis. They may also be using Twitter more frequently.
  • Use a partner. It is very easy to spend an exorbitant amount of time keeping social media sites updated and responding to posts. By working with a skilled social media marketing partner you can better manage your campaigns, stay on top of trends, and have time to devote to other efforts.
  • Reputation management. Your online reputation is extremely valuable, but it can collapse with one bad comment. Make sure you have a plan in place that will respond professionally to all types of comments. Launch initiatives to help generate positive activities. Some initiatives can be referral contests, surveys, or special promotions.

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NYC's Top Pay Per Click Marketing Firm

Posted by Ben Seldon

A great way to jump start your online marketing initiatives is to use pay per click advertising. Pay per click - PPC in marketing lingo - allows a company to only pay when an online user clicks a specific link. This avoids paying unnecessary banner advertising or other online marketing techniques that do not actually result in a web page visit.

Pay Per Click - PPC - Marketing Firm

20955761_s.jpgThere are important tips and techniques for PPC, so using the right NYC pay per click marketing firm is a crucial step to success.

Some of the important points to note when launching any NYC pay per click marketing include:

  • Does the firm have a good understanding of your target audience persona? The marketing agency should take the time to understand your business and have a clear picture of the demographics of your ideal customer. Key traits of your target audience will help in designing the most effective PPC campaign.
  • Is there a weekly or monthly budget for PPC? The expenses for PPC marketing can get out of hand very quickly, so it is important to manage these costs to stay within an assigned budget. Work with your marketing firm to establish criteria around PPC expenses. Then, have a process in place to review the costs regularly.
  • How do you define PPC success? Different companies will define pay per click marketing success in different ways. Your business may want to set Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) around the number of web page visitors. Set a KPI for qualified leads and conversion rates. Another option is based around your specific marketing campaign goals, such as visitors in a certain geographic area or visitors to a specific new product launch or promotional page.
  • What is the length of your PPC campaign? The length of time you run your PPC advertisements can depend on the campaign or your marketing strategy. You may choose to have an ongoing PPC initiative Or, set a specific time period such as a few weeks or months. Discuss your options with your marketing firm to make the best decision.

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4 Tips From a Top United States Google Marketing Firm

Posted by Ben Seldon

When it comes to Google marketing firms United States companies need someone that is highly effective and trustworthy. Google marketing involves substantial research, analysis, monitoring, and refinement to make sure your online efforts work successfully.

In_Body_Copy_-_LinkedIn_Article_2.jpgGoogle Marketing Firms in the United States

Using a marketing firm to help you with your online efforts can be a tremendous benefit. The Top Google Marketing Firm will focus on your target market and pay close attention to your marketing goals

The top United States Google Marketing Firm, Seldon Marketing, has some solid tips to help you navigate through this work to achieve your goals:

  1. Always start with the customer. Even small businesses can gain a lot of insight from their existing customers along with their target audience. Understanding your ideal customer is the foundation a top Google marketing firm relies on for performance enhancement.
  2. Send a clear message. For each campaign you embark on, it is critically important to send a clear and concise marketing message. For example, if your business is entering into a new market area, make sure all marketing materials use keywords to focus on generating business in a designated market area.
  3. Monitor and refine. Always have a process in place to review Google statistics and be prepared to tune and refine where needed. This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords and phrases, blogs, social media posts, e-books, and even web page content. Schedule these marketing platforms around your business's needs. For best results, review your business's marketing platform every two weeks, depending on the campaign and the timeline for results.
  4. Benchmark and best practices. Take a hard look at what your industry is doing online along with other similar industries. Also, analyze your competitors and how they approach online marketing. This can help you to differentiate your business.

Google Marketing Firms in the United States

The Google Marketing Firm you choose should also lend insights into best practices and methodologies to accelerate success, plus the firm should follow up on a regular basis to keep you informed on trends and activities. Research and analysis are key components to online marketing success. Your marketing partner should be able to provide a healthy portion of both.

By benchmarking against similar industries, analyzing competitors, and doing deep research into your target audience, your Google Marketing Firm can help you build a foundation for online goal achievement. To speak with a Seldon Google Marketing Specialist, please click the icon below - or, call direct 646.342.3162.

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Best Lead Generation Company in the United States

Posted by Ben Seldon

Top Lead Generation Company in the US

To kick off your marketing plan, a strong lead generation process should be in place. On the surface, lead generation seems like an easy step in the marketing process. Get a mailing list, post advertisements, and you are on your way. But for most businesses lead generation involves much more. If you get a lot of meaningless leads that will never convert to customers, your marketing plan should be re-examined. One quick way to get leads back on track is to use the best lead generation company that will work with you to help increase the quality of leads.

To find the right lead generation company for your business, consider these key features:

  • Proven methodology – the lead generation company should have a solid approach that has proven to be successful. The approach should include a comprehensive review of your marketing plan and an understanding of your business goals.
  • Industry specific experience – your partner should have experience in multiple industries, including your own. Your partner should take the experience from these industries and use them to benchmark and implement best practices.
  • Technical skills – in today’s world, understanding the multiple aspects of online marketing is crucial. Your partner should know how to use search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email, video and otherUnknown-2.jpeg marketing techniques to improve lead generation.
  • Hands on capabilities – never choose a company that will take a handful of notes and leave, only to return when the payment is due. Look for a partner that will work closely with your business and help you to tune your marketing strategy to become a lead generation machine.
  • KPIs – your chosen lead generation company should provide key performance metrics that will help you to understand the improvements that are being implemented. For example some KPIs to use include web page visitor counts, leads generated, conversion rates, and more. Lead generation involves routine processes and ongoing fine tuning, so your partner should be able to provide this information readily.
  • Insights and advice – with an experienced lead generation partner, you should get helpful suggestions to improve your overall marketing strategy. For example, if you are expanding your business into a new market, your partner should be able to assist in the setup and launch of your marketing campaign.

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Who are the Best Hubspot Partners for Lead Generation?

Posted by Ben Seldon

The HubSpot tool set has been receiving rave reviews on how well it can help small, medium, and even large businesses manage their online marketing and work more efficiently to meet their marketing goals.  When it comes to lead generation, the HubSpot tools help you to generate more leads that have better conversion rates.  The best HubSpot partners have the expertise on hand to rapidly set up your lead generation platform and get quick turnaround on your marketing investment.

Best Hubspot Partners for Lead Generationgenerate_sales_leads

What makes the best HubSpot partners so effective?  There are some common practices that are used to help businesses of all sizes and all industries:

  • Definition of your target persona – the best HubSpot partners will start with an overview of your business model and get a clear understanding of your ideal customer type.  This target audience persona will contain some specific details such as geographic location, income levels, common interests, buying habits, and more.  By understanding your business and your customers, you can lay a solid foundation for your online lead generation plan.
  • SEO – search engine optimization is often thrown around in the marketing arena.  There is real value when SEO is utilized properly.  It is not a one-time project, however.  SEO requires ongoing maintenance and tuning that a good HubSpot partner can do as part of the services provided.  The right keywords and phrases will attract the highest quality leads that convert more easily to customers.
  • Multi-channel marketing – in the online marketing world, you should utilize more than just your web site for SEO and other marketing initiatives.  Include email subscriptions, social media, blog posts, e-books, and other tools to help improve your search engine rankings and attract the best leads.
  • Overall quality – your online marketing should present a consistent message in all areas, and the content should be informative and interesting to read.  The best HubSpot partners will help you to generate content that gets attention and provokes positive action in the reader based on your marketing goals.  If you want more email subscribers, more inquiries, or more customers, you must have high quality content.

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