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Michael is Vice President at Seldon Marketing. Michael runs and organizes extremely successful online marketing campaigns for a variety of industries, including but not limited to; plastic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, personal injury attorneys, party planners, and other various business owners.
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How We Took 2 Of Our Oral Surgeon's Old Email Lists and Turned It Into $250,000

Posted by Michael Olenick

Two of our oral surgeon’s old email lists had been hanging around so long, serving no useful purpose, so our oral surgeon decided he might as well discard them. But wait; not so fast!

A closer look at his lists revealed why they also failed to serve a useful purposewhen they were pressed into action: The lists were being used for “email blasts,” an off-putting term that refers to the practice of “blasting” the same message to a large group of people. Often, the message is also topped by an equally off-putting greeting, such as “Dear Future Patient.”

With some fundamental tweaks – and a few changes on the back end of the campaign – our oral surgeon generated $250,000 in new surgeries, providing a boom to his practice at a low cost.

His experience underscores why placing your email lists in the right hands can spell the difference between exponential success and abysmal failure.

Adding Up The Benefits of Email Marketing

Fortunately, our oral surgeon understood the fundamental benefits of email marketing. His only mistake was viewing them as “old school” compared to other, newer forms of multichannel marketing, such as social media. But what's “old” is new again, meaning that email marketing is making an inbound marketing resurgence, and for good reason – and actually eight good reasons. Consider that email marketing can:

  • Greatly reduce the traditional lag time between creative development and implementation of a marketing campaign
  • Cost very little compared to the money it generates
  • Deliver an astonishing return on investment
  • Generate immediate response
  • Allow for more frequent communication (though you don't want to overdo it, either)
  • Afford you the ability to test new messages and calls to action – and quickly make changes based on the results
  • Be shared by others with the simple click of a button
  • Be tracked with ease

Achieving These Benefits

As the oral surgeon discovered, all of these benefits are splendid possibilities. They can become realities only if you put your email marketing campaign in the hands of a marketing company that will take two extra steps on your behalf:

  • Segmenting your email lists (having email content designed specifically for people looking for dental implants, or teeth whitening, or wisdom teeth removal, or another high ticket service).
  • Personalizing your emails (having a first and last name of the patient, opposed to “valued patient”)

Segmenting essentially dispenses with mass-produced email blasts by breaking down a group of intended recipients into targeted segments. Research has shownthat segmented emails can generate 50 percent more clicks than unsegmented emails. Choose two or choose 22 segments; an accomplished marketing company will work with you to develop criteria that are important to your business.

Segmenting emails is the No. 1 tactic for increasing the relevancy of emails, and personalization is right behind. It replaces salutations such as “Dear Future Patient” with first and last names and doesn't miss an opportunity to enhance the message with other personal touches, if and where appropriate to the message.

It takes time, effort, talent, tenacity and creativity to segment and personalize emails – qualities that only the most experienced and conscientious marketing company is poised and ready to deliver. Like our oral surgeon's practice, your business could well depend on it.

Let me help your medical practice start generating high quality leads from email lists you thought were useless. Please call me at (201) 220-0507 or click the button below and we'll be in touch shortly. 

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Want To Generate Leads Without Burning Through Capital? Start Blogging.

Posted by Michael Olenick

Affordable Lead Generation Services

There hasn't been an easier argument to make since websites burst onto the business scene at the turn of the millennium. 

Back then, even before statistics could support the argument, the opportunities that websites presented Article_2_-_Header_Image.pngwere just too astonishing to ignore. But the bottom line was, if you wanted your business to dominate the competition, you needed a website.

Today, there is no way around the argument that if your search engine optimization company isn't blogging, then they aren't doing proper SEO on your behalf. There are astonishing statistics to support the argument, such as:

  • Marketers who make blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive return on their investment.
  • 82% of marketers who blog daily acquire customers via their blog.
  • Businesses that blog say that 54% more leads are generated by inbound marketing tactics like blogging than traditional paid marketing (TV, Radio, Print, etc).

How has blogging become such a necessary adjunct to a business website? It
might help to remember that search engines exist to provide users with timely, relevant and useful results. To deliver such results, they regularly scan websites for more than 100 indicators. The most important ones -- the ones that the search engines value most -- are those that blogging accomplishes:

  1. Publishing a blog article with fresh content “assures” the search engines that your website is alive and well. Each time you post a new page of content on your blog (when done properly, every post is a new indexed page on your site), the search engines take notice – and reward you for it with a nudge in the rankings. No wonder that 76% of business-to-business marketers say they will create more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.
  2. Publishing a blog article with original, high quality content on a blog similarly assures the search engines that you care about informing, educating and solving people's problems – the very objectives In_Body_Copy_-_LinkedIn_Article_2.jpgthey share. Answering your customer’s/patient’s common questions and concerns not only ensures they will come back to when they are ready to buy, it shows search engines you are the authority in your field. Gone are the days when “keyword stuffing” on web pages was enough to bolster rankings. Today, the search engines punish websites for this mindless tactic.
  3. Publishing a blog with fresh, original and high quality content that is shared by others via social media assures the search engines of an article's relevance and authority. So it behooves a business to spread the wealth of a blog by creating a “Social rapport” with towering players in a niche and engage in reciprocal sharing of content. Both tactics can lead to backlinks, or when a website links back to your site from its own site (search engines actively crawl for backlinks).

Since an original blog with fresh content is the key to higher rankings, you might wonder why an SEO company would sidestep the “yellow brick road” to success. The probable answer? It takes time, effort, talent, tenacity and creativity – traits that only the very best SEO company is poised to deliver.

We are readily available to answer any blogging or SEO questions you may have. Please feel free to click the button below to start generating leads today! 

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If Your SEO Company Isn't Doing These 3 Things....It's Time To Hire A New Agency

Posted by Michael Olenick

The 3 Things Your SEO Agency Must Be Doing

Running a business is a lot like running a marathon; you’re committed to long-term goals. For success in today’s competitive market, you must turn to proven endurance strategies to achieve your long-term goals. While most SEO agencies may make a misstep along the way, if your provider isn’t implementing each of these 3 key strategies, it’s time to hire a new agency. 

  1. Blogging. Blogging is SEO. It is without a doubt the most effective strategy for search engine optimization. Every time you publish a blog it creates an indexed, keyword-focused page on your website. This shows Google and other search engines that you’re active and relevant in your industry.benefits_of_blogging.png

 In addition to SEO performance, there is the Go Back To benefit of blogging:

  • Blogs serve to answer the common questions and concerns your clients have – making your business their information authority.
  • People always go back to where they got their information when they are ready to buy.

 Take it from our clients who have run a few marathons.

  • Those clients who blog attract 55% more visitors than those who do not.
  • Those clients who blog generate 88% more leads than those who do not.
  1. On-Site Optimization. An accomplished SEO firm will not only make sure that every single page is optimized; they will also explain to you the method behind the process. The best method of on-site optimization is to make sure each and every webpage has a keyword focus.

These crucial keyword needs to be included in your:

  • Page Titlesearch_engine_optimization.jpg
  • Web Page Content
  • Image Alt Text
  • Meta Description

Starting an online website and business without optimizing EVERY SINGLE webpage is like a running a marathon without shoes. Right off the starting line, you are going to suffer greatly. Your endurance won’t last and you are not going to get very far.

  1. YouTube. A majority of SEO firms are not taking advantage of YouTube as a critical tool to optimize performance. Today, YouTube actually surpasses Google in the number of searches per minute
  • YouTube has 2.78 million searches
  • Versus Google’s 4 million searches

Creating and posting YouTube videos for your product or services will, without a doubt, give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Discover More Proven SEO Endurance Strategies

Implementing these 3 strategies is crucial to your business’s online marketing success. You need a SEO firm with creativity, experience, and tenacity. These 3 are only the first of the most important pieces of strategy your SEO firm should be implementing and updating.

I can suggest many more techniques to help you generate online business. If you are tired of your SEO agency because they aren’t producing for you, feel free to reach out by clicking the button below!


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