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Best Reviewed PPC Marketing Firms in the United States

Posted by Ben Seldon

Using a pay-per-click service can be a terrific investment to quickly boost your marketing momentum.  But it is very important to choose a reputable PPC marketing firm before making the commitment.  The wrong choice can leave you with a failed marketing initiative and an empty marketing budget.

Finding the Best Reviewed PPC Marketing Firm in the

Using reviews can help you pick the best PPC marketing firm.  Some of the criteria when checking reviews should include:

  • Responsiveness – how quickly does the firm react when first contacted and then throughout the process?  Be aware that some firms may be eager to take your payment at the beginning, but then almost disappear later in the project.
  • Focus – many PPC marketing firms have a “cookie cutter” approach with their clients.  The firm pays little attention to the unique needs of the company while forcing the process in order to make it easy for the firm to quickly be paid.  Quality PPC firms will focus on the specific needs of the business and help to align the PPC work with the marketing goals.
  • Services – while many firms simply offer PPC services, the best firms will provide several supporting services that complement the PPC work.  Some of the additional services may include search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, web design, and content creation including blogs, e-books, articles, or newsletters.  The firm may also manage your email and social media posts to help improve the quality of responses.
  • Measure progress – keeping statistics on the number of visitors to your web pages is a first start, but your PPC firm should also make sure the quality of the leads helps to boost your conversion rate.  Online marketing initiatives require regular monitoring along with fine tuning to make sure you are receiving the best possible return on investment.

Benchmarking and best practices – your PPC marketing firm should have enough experience to provide advice and guidance on your online marketing strategy.  While the services should be tailored to meet your specific marketing goals, there should be suggestions offered to help you make the most out of your investment and help you get the results needed for success.

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