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Social Media Marketing Company

There is little doubt that social media has become an extremely effective marketing tool, and is predicted to continue to grow in importance.  What is the big deal about social media marketing?  It is a technique of inbound marketing that puts your online business in front of prospects and customers that leverages not only your marketing but solicits referrals and endorsements.

To implement the right social media marketing strategy for your company, consider these tips:

  • Location, location, location – your online presence should exist where your target market is most likely to visit.  For example if you have a beauty supply business, you should participate in forums and pages that focus on health and beauty, women’s issues and other media marketing
  • Best social media sites – Facebook and Twitter should always be top of mind when establishing a social media presence.  However you should not ignore Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and other social media web sites.  All can bring you qualified leads and help you to build a social media community.
  • Leverage SEO – make sure you include search engine optimization as part of your social media marketing strategy.  By using the right keywords and phrases with links to your business web site you will be able to gain momentum in search results as well as build your social media presence.
  • Be active – social media requires you to take on an active role.  Make posts daily to your social media pages to keep visitors coming back and attract new visitors.  Respond to any questions or comments professionally – even the negative issues should be handled tactfully to improve your online reputation.
  • Get creative – not only should you have very enticing and interesting content for your social media pages, you should also experiment with various forms of multimedia including images and art, graphic design, info-graphics, and even short videos that can be placed on YouTube or Vine.

Seldon Marketing can help you to launch your social media campaigns and build a better online presence.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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