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Email Marketing NYC

Posted by Ben Seldon

Email Marketing NYC

New Yorkers are notoriously busy.  Emails have become one of the more preferred methods of communication for harried NYC customers and clients.  In just a few moments when they check emails, issues can be addressed, questions answered, and new opportunities discovered.

Email marketing in NYC requires a special formula that is designed for the hectic lifestyle of a busy city.  What are some ways to get the attention of people who stay so hurried throughout the day?

Try these tips to make email marketing work in the big city:

Captivating subject line – it is important not to be deceptive, but to create an alluring subject line that will provoke someone to stop and open the email completely.  It is not enough to justemail marketing say “Open for great deals” – you need to be specific to get the right level of attention.  Instead try “Get 10% off plus free shipping at My Boutique” or “Inventory Closeout up to 75% off all Men’s Jewelry”

To the point content – the content of your email should have some specific categories and subjects that target your specific audience.  If you are looking for buyers of men’s watches, make sure the content uses phrases and brand names of men’s watches that will attract specific customers.

Graphics – images and graphics can be great to attract customers, but be conservative on your use because not everyone will have optimal internal download speeds.  A hurried reader will not wait for your amazing graphics to load.

Links – embed links to your web site and deep links to specific product pages where possible.  This will help a busy reader to click and make a purchase much faster.

SEO – all of your email marketing should include SEO keywords and phrases so that your search rankings will improve and also attract qualified leads.

Seldon Marketing has a substantial amount of experience with NYC customers including retail and B2B.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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