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Posted by Ben Seldon

Online Marketing Company

For any type of business, your marketing plan must include some form of online strategy.  The vast majority of potential customers are checking online first before looking anywhere else to find products, services, or companies that they need.  Your business should be part of the online marketing revolution. online marketing company

Having the right partner will jump start your online strategy.  To find the best online marketing company for your particular business, consider these research tips:

What are your current marketing goals?  Your chosen online marketing company should want to review your current marketing goals right away.  A real partner will make sure your marketing strategy aligns with your business plan, and then work to incorporate your online strategy into those goals.

Who is your target audience?  Your marketing partner should review your target market personas to better understand and refine your online approach.  Knowing your target audience will help to identify the best web site “communities” to utilize in promoting your business.

How will SEO be used?  The best online marketing company for your business will incorporate keywords and phrases based on search engine analytics data.  Then your marketing partner would develop a plan to fine tune and revisit your SEO results on a regular basis.  The reviews could take place monthly, bi-weekly, or less frequently depending on your particular business needs.

Will multiple online avenues be used?  The right marketing partner will not only tune your web site.  The best marketing companies will review email campaigns, blogs, articles, social media and other online channels to make sure there is consistency in your marketing message and everything aligns to your business goals.

Look for an online marketing company that can answer these questions to your satisfaction.  Seldon Marketing can be your online marketing partner with the experience and skills to execute.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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