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Social Media Marketing Firms

Posted by Ben Seldon

Social Media Marketing Firms

Every business should have a marketing strategy that includes social media.  More than ever consumers and other businesses look to social media to find out about new products or get referrals on preferred businesses and solutions.  Whether you have a small corner boutique or a global enterprise you should have a social media strategy incorporated into your marketing plan.

Social media marketing firms can jump start your initiatives into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,social media marketing YouTube and other online channels.  It is crucial that the social media marketing firms that you work with have a coordinated effort that aligns with your business goals.

Consider these important parts of an online social media strategy:

Have a message – every campaign should convey a message that is tailored to your marketing and business plan.  While the messages can vary a bit from one campaign to the next, there should be some degree of continuity.  For example a campaign to get new customers could utilize some of the same messages as a campaign to announce a new product or service.

Stay consistent – every social media posting for your campaign should consistently convey basically the same message.  While you can elaborate more on Facebook than on Twitter, you should keep the core message consistent.

Use the right sites – not all social media sites are created equal.  It is important to understand your target market and which sites might be best for you.  As an example if your business offers arts and crafts materials you may want to participate in Etcy. 

Seldon Marketing has extensive experience in developing and improving social media marketing strategy.  Whether you are just beginning or if you need to refine your approach, Seldon Marketing is one of the premier social media marketing firms to get your business on the right track.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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