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Social Media Marketing NYC

Posted by Ben Seldon

Social Media Marketing NYC

The New York City life is filled with marketing opportunities.  Online there is a lot of buzz about how social media marketing can help companies in NYC and other locations to increase their online business.  What are some of the most effective techniques to make social media work in your marketing plan?

Once you have established your marketing goals and set up your company web site, it is now time to leverage social media.  Here are some of the most effective ways to use this onlinesocial media marketing marketing channel:

Use links - in your social media posts be sure to leverage links to your web site.  This will increase traffic and also allow visitors to learn more about your products or services.  Note it is a good idea to use "deep links" into your web site such as a specific blog page, a product page, or a contact page.  This gives the visitor the information they are looking for in one click versus multiple clicks - and adds depth to your SEO rankings.

Relevant Content - make sure your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere are not boring or redundant requests to visit your site.  Instead make your posts interesting and provocative so that users will take action.  For example instead of posting "visit our site for our new shoe sale information" you can post "Need a reason to upgrade your wardrobe?  We have a sale on these shoes!"

Feedback and comments - encourage your social media readers to make comments or provide feedback on their experience with your business.  Even if the comments are negative this can provide an opportunity for you to respond in a professional way and get readers even more interested in your business.

Seldon Marketing can help New York City companies and beyond to leverage social media marketing to augment your online business opportunities.  For more information please call us directly or click the link below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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