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Hire An SEO Company

Posted by Ben Seldon

Hire An SEO Company

So you want to hire an SEO company to solve your online marketing challenges?

Before making a commitment to just any company that claims they know SEO, take a step back and consider your options.

For many businesses an SEO company should do much more for you than give you some keywords and phrases to use on your web site.  You should look for a real SEO marketing company that has the technical skills and business savvy to get you the results you need.

The following are some key questions to help you hire an SEO company:

Define your results – what do you want out of your SEO initiatives?  Do you want higherseo marketing search engine rankings?  Do you want more traffic to your web site?  Do you need to improve your conversion rates from visitors to customers?  Take a look at where you are today with your online initiatives and determine where you want to be in one month, three months, or a year from now.  Have those goals in mind when you speak with potential marketing providers.

Determine your toolset – what tools do you use today for SEO?  What can an SEO marketing company provide that can improve your results?  Some of the best SEO companies will utilize online analytics tools that address multiple online channels such as your web site, social media, blogs and search engine rankings.  This combined analysis can yield better results in a shorter period of time, but you need a partner with the technical expertise to implement.

Design your plan – every business will have a unique market strategy that is designed around your target audience, your marketing capabilities, and your business goals.  Your SEO partner should be able to help in designing an SEO strategy based around industry best practices.

Seldon Marketing has the SEO know-how and the business savvy to get results.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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