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Social Media Marketing for Large Companies

Posted by Ben Seldon

Social Media Marketing for Large Companies

Large enterprise corporations could often deem social media marketing as unnecessary and “for the little guys.”

On the contrary, large corporations can find great benefit in leveraging social media.  Companies such as Ford Motor Company, Starbucks, Zappos and others have found that a social media presence can yield measurable benefits even for companies of their size and larger.

Some of the benefits for social media marketing in large companies include:

Reputation management – news can travel instantaneously online, and bad news can travel even faster.  One bad customer experience can be broadcast to millions of online visitors,social media marketing which can destroy a brand or corporate reputation rapidly.  By having a social media presence the company can respond to feedback of all types – particularly any negative feedback – and help to quell any issues before they balloon out of control.

Expediency – through social media a company can announce new products or promotions in a matter of moments.  This rapid cycle can give large companies an advantage over competition.

Gauging buy-in – it can be difficult to get consumer feedback using traditional methods.  With social media a company can quickly take a poll or just post an informal question and measure how effective a particular ad campaign is performing or how well received a new product might be.  The company can even determine what geographical markets or other demographics are more receptive.

Personalization – big corporations are often viewed as inaccessible and aloof.  With social media there can be more personal interaction with consumers, which will improve the company’s brand identity and reputation.

The great advantage of social media marketing is that both large and small companies can benefit in the same way.  With the right online strategy your business can succeed no matter the size or strength.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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