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What Is My Best Option For Online Marketing

Posted by Ben Seldon

What Is My Best Option For Online Marketing

There are plenty of ways to start an online marketing plan.  Here are some options with the pros and cons:
What Is My Best Option For Online Marketing

  1. Copy traditional marketing - you can use outbound marketing techniques that involve posting a web site, buying ad space on several random sites, and acquiring a bulk email list to blast marketing messages.  The outbound marketing approach has not been very effective and is often perceived as spam in the online world.  While it may be a method that has worked in the past, it is not recommended for online marketing.
  2. Build it yourself - you can put together your web site, begin building an email subscription list and use referrals and posts on social media to try and spread the word about your business.  This method is probably the most economical in terms of budget dollars, but your time and resources would be consumed with this undertaking.  There would be a lot of trial and error, and it would take time before any substantial lead generation is realized.
  3. Use a marketing partner - by working with an experienced marketing firm, you can have a higher quality web site built with well written content.  Your marketing partner can also work with you on a strong marketing strategy that incorporates inbound marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), targeted emails, blogs, Ebooks, articles, social media and more.  An inbound marketing strategy brings qualified leads to your web site that can convert more quickly into real customers.  While some marketing firms claim to do online marketing it is important to take the time and find a firm that will meet your marketing goals.

Seldon Marketing can bring you the marketing results you need with experience and capabilities that are unmatched.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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