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How To Do Proper SEO

Posted by Ben Seldon

How To Do Proper SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is much more than inserting a series of keywords into your content.  There are strategies that enrich SEO to be highly effective and bring qualified leads to your web site.

Some of the strategies to make SEO work properly include:How To Do Proper SEO

Tagging – leveraging metatags can seem almost old-school to some, but search engines still review tags and descriptions as part of their ranking evaluation algorithm.  Make sure your tags are optimized according to your search strategy.

Embedded links – utilize embedded deep links in your web site as well as in blogs, emails, social media posts and other online content to make sure as many of your pages as possible can be accessed or referenced for a specific purpose.  Also ask partners, suppliers and others to use deep links to your web site in order to build online credibility and increase search rankings.  Make sure, however, that all links are credible and relevant to your site and business purpose.  Search algorithms have become highly adept at detecting nefarious linking and if deemed inappropriate your ranking can actually be lowered or completely removed.

Continuous tuning – Note that SEO is an ongoing process that involves regular review of your rankings, comparison of your key performance metrics, and updating your content when needed.  Prepare for a continuous process of review and tuning as part of your strategy.

Above all, content – your online content must be healthy, updated, and relevant in order to maintain and improve your search rankings.  All content should be optimized and consistent with your strategy.  This includes your web site, blogs, Ebooks, white papers, emails, social media, articles and any other content used online.

Properly executed search engine strategies can yield great success for businesses in the form of increased web site traffic, higher quality leads, and better sales conversion rates.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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