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Inbound Marketing vs PPC

Posted by Ben Seldon

Inbound Marketing vs PPC

Pay per click (PPC) does not necessarily need to be at odds with your inbound marketing strategy.  Some businesses may view PPC as a less than reputable means of advertising.  This is actually a misconception.  While there are opportunities to exploit PPC, this option can work quite well in coordination with an inbound marketing program.

PPC is an online marketing technique where your business website can appear at the top of search results when certain keywords and phrases are used in search engines.  Depending on your choices, the business name and link can appear in the search results list, at the top in a sponsored link area, or on the side of the search results.  There is a fee associated with PPC that is incurred each time a visitor clicks your business link to get to your web site.

Some of the tactics used with PPC include:Inbound Marketing vs PPC

SEO – leverage PPC to make sure your business is prominently displayed whenever your SEO keywords or phrases are searched.  This is by far the most popular reason to use PPC and is considered a very legitimate approach.

Competitors – some businesses will use PPC when a competitor name is entered the other business will display at the top.  While it is a devious tactic it is not necessarily a bad one, and is used with several online retailers.

Speed – when you need to launch a campaign or increase your web site traffic quickly, PPC can be utilized to almost immediately increase your visitors.

Another issue that businesses may have with PPC is the associated fees.  Without proper management the costs for PPC can get out of control quickly.  It is important to partner with a reliable marketing service provider that can help you properly manage your PPC and inbound marketing plans.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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