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Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Posted by Ben Seldon

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Good old fashioned outbound marketing has been around almost since trading and selling began.  Post a sign, distribute a flyer, print an ad and businesses hope that a potential customer will notice.  In the modern era outbound marketing still exists and still brings in a respectable amount of traffic to brick and mortar stores and even with some online web sites.

But in the age of inbound marketing it is time for businesses to market smarter by allowing potential customers to find the business instead of the opposite.Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing presents your business in online channels where your ideal customer visits.  If and when the lead needs your products or services, your company is easily found and the sales process can begin.

Does inbound and outbound marketing have to be at odds with each other?  Absolutely not.  As a matter of fact it might be a good idea to strike the right balance between the two.

The following are some ways that inbound and outbound marketing compare, contrast, and collaborate:

Compare – both techniques are designed to deliver leads to your business.  The quality of the leads can vary greatly, however.  Outbound marketing can have less quality because there is no efficient process to qualify those leads.  Inbound techniques do a lot of the lead qualification before a human ever receives the lead.

Contrast – outbound marketing can be quite expensive, and the costs do not seem to be dropping anytime soon.  Inbound services have pricing that can be extremely reasonable with better returns on investment.

Collaborate – Hanging a sign or posting a flyer is never a bad thing, but make sure you integrate your inbound activities into your outbound marketing by including your web site address, offering readers to subscribe to email lists, or joining social media pages.

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