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How to Find the Best Lead Generation Firm

Posted by Ben Seldon

How to Find the Best Lead Generation Firm 

Looking for the best lead generation firm should not be a difficult task.  After all, if the firm is worth anything they should be at the top of search engine results list when you look, right?  The best lead generation firm that your business needs may not always be at the top of the search results, however.

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Consider how the marketing firm would have arrived at the top of the list.  There are several ways that this could have happened:

Pay per click (PPC) – if the marketing firm needs a jump start to get things rolling they may expend a lot of funds on PPC marketing to get their name at the top of the list.  This may get them increased visitors but there is more to a marketing firm than just a PPC budget.

Organic results – it is possible that the lead generation firm has enough traffic and activity on their web site to have high search rankings.  Lots of activity does not always mean quality service or the types of lead generation that your company would need.

SEO – if the marketing firm knows anything about online activities they would have optimized their web site and other online channels for SEO.  This is a good indicator to tell you the firm is savvy with online tools and has technical capabilities.  However a marketing firm is much more than just technical skills – there should be a good understanding of business and how to use that technology successfully.

The ideal way to find the best lead generation firm is to take the top ten or so results that seem legitimate and make an inquiry.  Have questions in place to make sure the firm will meet your specific marketing and business goals.  Then determine if their fees and services will work for your unique needs.

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