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What You Need To Know Before Starting Email Marketing

Posted by Ben Seldon

What You Need To Know Before Starting Email Marketing

One of the most frequent tasks for modern business people is to check email.  This makes email a very important method for marketing and promotion.  However, email marketing can be treading on thin ice and must be properly managed to avoid the dreaded junk mail folder.

Before you begin your email marketing initiatives, consider these tips:What You Need To Know Before Starting Email Markerting

Avoid blasting emails without a target audience – make sure you have a clear understanding of your target audience and refine your email list so that only addresses that meet your target audience criteria are used.

Offer a subscription service – make it very easy for visitors to subscribe to your email list via your web site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites.  Likewise, have a very easy opt-out capability that is clearly communicated with every email.

Encourage referrals – offer your existing customers and email lists the ability to refer others to join the subscription services.

Manage frequency – multiple emails every day can become an annoyance.  Get to know your email audience and look at how they respond to emails.  If you get a better opening rate in the morning, send at that time instead of late night.  If Tuesdays work better than Fridays, use that.

Watch your style – try different email approaches to determine what works best.  Sales or contests might be a great approach, but in other cases you may want to try educational information, industry updates, or announcing new products.

Content is king – no matter what type of email you send, make sure you leverage SEO properly and always include links back to your web site for more information.  This will increase your visitor traffic with qualified leads and help your search engine rankings.

An experienced email marketing provider can guide you through the proper steps to make your email campaigns a huge success and avoid falling into the junk email folder.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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