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Can I Do Social Media Marketing By Myself

Posted by Ben Seldon

Can I Do Social Media Marketing By Myself

Many entrepreneurs and business managers have a hands on approach for running their companies.  From closing the deals to bookkeeping and even setting up computers, nothing can stop a business executive from handling opportunities themselves.

Social media marketing may be considered as just another task to add to the executive's list of things to do.  Some may think that it will save money by implementing social media marketing on their own.  Others may want to be intimately involved with the task.  There are pros and cons to doing social media marketing yourself. 

Consider these thoughts:Can I Do Social Media Marketing By Myself

Work at your own pace - by taking on the task yourself it can take longer to accomplish, but you can devote time when it's available.  Unfortunately with entrepreneurs there is very little time open for taking on new initiatives.

Stay hands on - you may want to respond to every post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to properly represent the company.  This can consume a significant amount of your time.

Learn the system - educating yourself through immersion is one way to learn marketing for social media, but you could make costly mistakes that will negatively impact your company.  For some this is a risk to avoid.

By working with a marketing partner with social media expertise you can retain many of the positive aspects of involvement with social media while mitigating the negative.  You can set your own implementation schedule that will work for your business.  You can remain as heavily involved as you wish.  And you can educate yourself without making costly mistakes.  In addition a marketing partner can integrate search engine optimization (SEO) into your social media campaigns to improve lead generation and search rankings.  Also an experienced marketing partner can avoid most mistakes that inexperienced businesses can make when using social media. 

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