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What Is The Best Way To Generate Leads Online

Posted by Ben Seldon

What Is The Best Way To Generate Leads Online

To generate leads online there can be different approaches.  Below are several approaches that could be used along with benefits and potential issues:

What Is The Best Way To Generate Leads Online

Build it and they will come – some businesses set up a web site and inform their existing customers that they are now “online”.  Once the announcement is made very little is done afterwards to promote the site.  While having an online presence will get you some notice, you could very quickly become disappointed with the number of leads you receive.

Scatter and splatter – one technique is to link your business almost everywhere possible online.  From mass emails to banner ads, pay per click (PPC) to social media and more, you send out a link to your site with a brief message to visit.  You could see a definite spike in traffic, along with a bunch of false leads and less-than-positive feedback about spam.

Pick your battle – you can choose one online avenue and do your very best to cultivate it.  For example you may create a Facebook page that routinely promotes your web site.  But you neglect other lead generating options such as Ebooks, blogs, email and other social media sites.  You would be limiting your audience and opportunities.

Planned strategy – work with an experienced partner to develop a strategic marketing plan that will implement a variety of techniques blended to work with your overall marketing plan.  The techniques can include SEO, PPC, email, blogs, content management, social media and more.

With the right marketing partner you can generate leads online and get real return on your investment.  The right qualified leads will convert to customers much easier and you will realize a boost in sales.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank  you.


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