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Online Marketing vs TV Advertising

Posted by Ben Seldon

Online Marketing vs TV Advertising 

For decades television advertising has been the panacea for businesses to use for marketing.  TV advertising seemed to be extremely effective and it reached a huge viewer base that no other medium could achieve. 

Today, however, online marketing has some significant advantages over TV advertising. 

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  1. Substantially less expensive – for a fraction of the expense a business can utilize all of the features of online marketing and realize a greater return on investment.
  2. Targeted – TV advertising has attempted to create targeted marketing but it cannot compare to the capabilities of online marketing and the ability to focus on a specific group for marketing purposes.
  3. Nimble – using marketing techniques online provides a level of flexibility that does not exist in any other medium.  A business can literally make changes in a matter of minutes to a specific advertisement, content correction, or adjust an entire marketing campaign.
  4. Scalable – your business can isolate a small market using online techniques, and if the campaign is successful utilize those same techniques on a larger scale or replicate into different markets based on your particular strategy.
  5. Tracking – while TV advertising has some reporting and analytics capabilities, the online campaigns can have almost every action tracked and analyzed.  From the number of emails that were opened to the number of clicks on a web site or searches on Google, you can utilize online analytics to find out how your target market reacts to different approaches.
  6. Information – there is an extremely limited amount of time available for TV advertising to get your message across.  With online advertising and marketing you can provide a brief Twitter or Facebook announcement followed by a link that offers an Ebook or white paper with much more information for those who are interested.
  7. Feedback – a simple click or a few words in a comment can provide you priceless information on how visitors are reacting to your online posts.

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