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What To Consider When Choosing Your Lead Generation Firm

Posted by Ben Seldon

What To Consider When Choosing Your Lead Generation Firm 
When choosing a lead generation firm, look first at your business before checking anywhere else.  generate_sales_leads

Examining your business marketing plan should be a first step before talking to any lead generation firm.  Consider these questions when reviewing your plan:

What is your plan’s primary goal?  Do you wish to sell more products or services?  Will you be introducing new offerings?  Are there new locations or territory expansions planned?  Is it simply to add new customers?

What role does lead generation play?  Some businesses may have a good number of customers, but the clients may not purchase enough and there may be a need to foster loyalty.  In other cases, there are not enough accounts, not the “right” accounts, or there is a desire to expand.  Consider how lead generation contributes to your marketing goals.

Is your target market defined?  Do you have a clear view of your ideal customer and the attributes associated with that target audience?  Research might be needed in order to determine specific traits or demographics such as location, income or revenue levels, buying habits, or frequently visited web sites.  Your lead generation firm should be able to help in refining this, but it is important that you already have some good idea of what your target audience would look like.

Do you have a specific budget for lead generation?  Consider carefully how much it currently costs to get new leads today and your success rate with those leads.  If you could increase the number of quality leads that convert to customers, what value should be placed on that capability?  Set aside a portion of your marketing budget exclusively for lead generation and measure the results accordingly.

With the right lead generation firm, you can realize an increase in your web site traffic, a greater number of leads, and an even higher percentage of qualified leads that successfully convert to customers.  The process requires a firm that will work with you and your marketing plan to structure a program that is best suited to meet your unique business requirements.  For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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