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Answering Your Questions – Should You Hire an SEO Company

Posted by Ben Seldon

Answering Your Questions – Should You Hire an SEO Company 

There is much more to an SEO company than a handful of keywords for online marketing.  The analysis and research behind proper SEO requires a great deal of expertise that not everyone has readily available.  As the online marketing world continues to evolve and change, it is important to consider having the right SEO resource on hand to keep your business in the game.  seo-firms

The following are some solid ways to use an SEO company for your business:

Methods - the way the marketing firm approaches your SEO initiatives is critical.  The firm should look carefully at your marketing plan and craft a unique approach based on it.

Tools - the tools that are used to implement and maintain SEO can vary greatly depending on the marketing firm's choices.  Hubspot is a leading SEO and online marketing tool that has proven to be superior in many ways.  Consider using a firm that is well trained in Hubspot for marketing.

Baseline - in order to properly measure the effectiveness of your online marketing initiatives, the SEO company should establish a baseline before making any changes.  This baseline will measure your current number of visitors, conversion rates, and search engine ranking scores among other metrics.

Implementation - at the beginning of your search engine optimization work, the marketing firm should work very closely with you to understand your target audience and set up an SEO strategy based around that audience.  Then a series of keywords and phrases should be used in all areas where your target audience will reside including search engines such as Google, your web site, blogs, social media, and other locations.

Analysis - as SEO is implemented, your marketing firm should be able to provide you with regular updates on progress and how the SEO is impacting your online business.  The analysis should align with your marketing plan.  Measurements such as visitor traffic and conversion rates should be tied to your marketing plan goals.

Not every SEO company is the same.  It is important to partner with a firm that will work well with your business and which will partner with you to meet your overall business goals.  For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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