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Is Telemarketing Lead Generation Effective

Posted by Ben Seldon

Is Telemarketing Lead Generation Effective

In the digital age some may jump to the conclusion that telemarketing is no longer an effective method for lead generation.  On the contrary, telemarketing could be a very successful lead generation tool for business if the appropriate methods and processes are used.

Consider these options when looking at telemarketing for your business lead generation:Is Telemarketing Lead Generation Effective

Your target audience – while there is a huge migration to online methods for generating leads, a portion of your target market may still be receptive to telemarketing.  Thoroughly research your ideal customer and determine if you could still have some success through a telemarketing program.  Your marketing partner should be able to assist in this research and analysis.

A professional approach – the horror stories of bad telemarketing calls are abundant.  By having a well-planned professional approach to your telemarketing processes you can have a more receptive audience and realize higher quality leads.

Stay focused – the highest quality telemarketing companies will make calls based on preliminary research and focus on potential leads that are most likely to be interested in your products and services.  Avoid paying for large quantities of phone numbers and calls from lists that are not pre-screened.

Coordinate with online – stay consistent in your marketing message whether you are using online techniques or through telemarketing.  By keeping the message consistent you will gain credibility in both channels and have greater success through quality leads.

Keep thorough records – make sure your telemarketing provider will deliver to you a comprehensive list of good and bad opportunities.  By eliminating invalid contacts you can keep a cleaner database of leads and use the information for future marketing opportunities.

Build an efficient process – once the telemarketing provider has some qualified leads, what is the next step?  Make sure your process for receiving leads and turning them over to your sales team is very efficient and well maintained.

Monitor activity – keep track of the leads generated and the conversion rates for all of your marketing activities.  With this information you can better understand what is most effective for your target audience.

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