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When Should You Hire a SEO Company

Posted by Ben Seldon

When Should You Hire a SEO Company

What is the best time to partner with an SEO company?  A lot of that decision will depend on your unique business needs and goals.  Every business is different and can approach marketing in a variety of ways.  When looking at an SEO company as a partner for online marketing, consider these points to help you determine the best time to bring them on board:When Should You Hire a SEO Company

Marketing plan – if you have not begun the work on a marketing plan, it could be a good idea
to bring in an SEO partner that can help.  Most businesses prefer to engage an SEO company after they have a marketing plan in place, and then allow the partner to refine the online portion of the plan.

Business web site – from the moment that your web site is established, you could be impacting your search rankings.  While it is perfectly alright to have a basic web site set up it is a good idea to have your SEO company review the content on your web site and tune it to improve your search rankings and lead generation capabilities.

Social media – the influence of social media on SEO has grown exponentially, so it is important to implement an SEO strategy that will work in conjunction with your social media marketing plans to make the most out of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites.

Blogs – any of your online content, including blogs, should be enriched with SEO keywords and phrases.  Emails, articles, Ebooks and other types of online content should fully utilize the power of SEO.  Before beginning any of this work you should already have an SEO plan in place.

Often, businesses will contact an SEO company after many of their online marketing initiatives are established.  This can result in a lot of re-work that could have been avoided if a partner was helping with SEO at the beginning.  In most cases it is best to engage an SEO partner sooner in the project rather than later.

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