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Who is the Best Company For Social Media Marketing

Posted by Ben Seldon

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites have become one of the top marketing tools today.  Social media marketing has many proven success stories and can help businesses from virtually every industry. social-media-marketing  

When looking for the best possible social media marketing company consider these key criteria before simply choosing from the top of a list:

Which social media sites are best for your business?  There are many different social media sites, but not all of them are ideal to generate leads for your specific business.  For example, a hobby or jewelry business may find their success with Pinterest, Instagram, or Etcy, while a medical firm may have better success with LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.  Your social media marketing partner should be able to help you launch the right campaign on the right sites.

How often should you post?  There is a delicate balance in the world of social media.  You want to post frequently enough to get your business noticed, but not too frequent to cause readers to “un-follow” you.  It is best to start with just one or two posts at the most each day and then carefully monitor activities to determine if this should be adjusted to be more frequent.  If you are only posting once a week, that is far too limited for most social media activities. 

Is it wise to respond to feedback?  One of the most crucial methods to succeed in social media is to be as interactive as possible.  Respond to all types of feedback in a professional manner, even if it is negative.  This will help you gain momentum while increasing your search rankings.

Should activity be monitored?  Select some key metrics to monitor your social media campaigns.  This will help you to test which sites provide the most positive results for your business.  Look for click-through rates to your web site, traffic counts, and the number of “likes” or “shares” that occur.  All this should tie back to your lead generation metrics and your sales conversion rates.

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