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Who is the Best Firm For Online Social Media Marketing

Posted by Ben Seldon

In just a few short years, social media marketing has become a tremendously successful mechanism for small, medium, and large businesses to reach their customers like never before.  The interaction and relationship capabilities of social media marketing are unsurpassed.  social-media-firms-nyc

To find the ideal firm to help you with your social media marketing efforts, here are some key tips to use:

Look online – a firm that is knowledgeable with social media should have a presence in that channel.  Use your preferred search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another to locate some marketing firms.  Then check Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites to see if they are present.

Check their web site – review the firm’s web site and read how they approach their social media projects.  This can provide some real insight into how the firm would handle your particular project.

Investigate blogs – the firm should have a blog site available as well.  Take a look at the blog posts and read through topics about social media.  You will learn more about social media techniques while also learning about the firm.

Make contact – call the firm or send an email asking for more information.  You should get a response in less than one business day.  If you do not get a response in a business day, the firm is probably not interested and is not right for you.  Look for a firm that is responsive and is eager to have a dialogue about your needs.

Discuss tactics – every social media initiative can be implemented in multiple ways.  Talk with the firm about the various methods they would use.  There should be at least three different approaches with advantages and disadvantages to discuss.  Some tactics could be more costly while others could take longer to implement.  Have a healthy discussion about each.

Keep focus – above all, the firm should remain focused on your specific business marketing goals.  If the firm begins using a canned program for social media, it is time to look elsewhere.  Every implementation should be different and structured to meet specific business goals.

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