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Why Inbound Marketing is Taking Over the Marketing Industry

Posted by Ben Seldon

Why Inbound Marketing is Taking Over the Marketing Industry 

Marketing strategies are full of creativity and ingenuity.  For generations there have been new and exciting ways to promote products, services, and businesses.  Some of these methods have been nothing more than trends or passing fads, while others have become staples in a marketing toolbox.  Inbound marketing is one of the trends that has proven itself to be a great approach for the short term and the long term.  Arguably one can state that inbound marketing will usurp practically every other strategy.  Inbound-Marketing-Diagram

Here are some key reasons why inbound marketing is so effective:

  • Metrics - the ability to actually measure the effectiveness of various inbound initiatives makes this marketing approach unique and also justifiable for most businesses.  Using the metrics, a company can determine whether the marketing dollars spent on particular campaigns were effective or help to choose a different approach.
  • Benchmarks and best practices - there are plenty of best practice "do's and don't's" for inbound campaigns to help your business launch the most effective initiatives.
  • Agility - as new online marketing opportunities become available, you can utilize your inbound marketing platform and tools to adjust and refine your strategies.  For example, if a new social media site becomes the latest buzz, you will be able to "plug in" quickly and take advantage.  Likewise, you can scale down on some initiatives that may not be as effective.  An example might be how certain Google Adwords may not be returning the highest quality leads.  You can adjust quickly and change those key words based on your particular needs.
  • Variety - the idea of inbound marketing is to present your company to individuals or other businesses who might be searching for your particular products or services.  The tools available with inbound initiates can include not only a web site but also social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter, industry blogs, entertaining E-Books, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns, and much more.  With all of the various options available, your business can be available whenever a potential customer may need you.

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