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What You Should Know When Deciding If You Should Hire an Seo Company

Posted by Ben Seldon

You think you have done all the right things to promote your firm online.  There’s a web site, a Facebook page, and you may even have a blog.  But where are all the visitors and new clients?

Utilizing search engine optimization, or SEO, is the best way to make your online presence known, useful, SEOand profitable.  But there is a lot involved in making SEO work.  Building a target client profile is the first step followed by a great deal of research and analytics on what keywords and phrases would work best to achieve your firm’s goals.  Then there is ongoing tuning and adjustments to make sure your SEO program keeps bringing new clients to your online door.

An SEO company can save a significant amount of time and give you faster results.  But before you hire an SEO company, be sure to consider these items:

  • Cookie cutter or custom?  Many SEO companies will try to fit firms into a preconceived template that may or may not work for the particular firm.  Other SEO providers may go to excruciating lengths to build detailed custom plans.  Instead, look for a firm that can do a combination of both and can present a plan that can be configured to your specific firm’s needs while also using a proven formula for success.
  • Communications?  How willing is the SEO provider to listen to your firm's goals and objectives?  Without knowing how your firm is differentiated, your online marketing strategies may not be very effective.
  • Best practices and benchmarks?  Does the SEO company have enough experience and resources to provide guidance on the best practices for your industry?  Can the provider present benchmarks on what other similar companies are doing online?
  • Metrics and measurements?  What metrics will be used to gauge success for this work?  While new clients and increased revenue are important, you may also want to utilize other online metrics such as web site hit rate, conversion rates, and social media activities.

In the end, it is the relationship with the SEO company that will make the most difference.  Look for a partner who is willing to take the time to get to know your firm and make the best choices to meet your budget and achieve your goals.


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