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Is Search Engine Marketing Effective for Surgeons

Posted by Ben Seldon

Is Search Engine Marketing Effective for Surgeons 

From a patient’s perspective, having the ability to research and find surgeons can be invaluable.  Patients want to know which surgeons would be the best for their procedures using their own criteria.  Some patients may be looking for nearby surgeons while others are willing to travel if the surgeon is considered among the best in their field.  In any case, surgeons should have their medical practice information available online and easily found for potential patients who may need their services.  SEO

Search engine marketing is arguably the best tool available to help surgeons promote their practices online.  With the proper use of search engine marketing, potential patients will use certain keywords and phrases in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other sites and then find the surgery practices that best fit their needs.

There are several key steps for surgeons to implement search engine marketing:

  • Identify your target audience – clearly outline certain traits that would define your ideal patient.  This can include income levels, geographic area and other demographics.
  • Research keywords and phrases – based on your target audience profile, review the types of keywords or phrases that would most likely be used.  Google analytics and other tools can be helpful in performing this research.
  • Implement SEO – several areas of your online communications should be tuned for search engine optimization (SEO).  This would include your medical practice website, social media pages, blogs, e-books, and other online sources.  The keywords and phrases should be a routine part of the online sites that represent your surgical practice.
  • Review and tune – carefully monitor the results from your SEO work and be prepared to fine tune your sites and other online tools to increase your success.  Monitoring can include web site hits, “likes” on social media, e-book reads or subscriptions and more.

Because surgeons are often extremely busy, it is best to utilize an experienced search engine marketing provider to coordinate this implementation.  Using an online marketing provider who specializes in medical practices can help you to make the most out of your online marketing investment while also improving the success of your surgical practice.


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