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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Blog Titles

Posted by Ben Seldon

The blog has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available online.  This seemingly benign approach to communicating a marketing message has boosted small businesses and helped start ups get noticed quickly.  Blog topics have also increased reputation and conversion rates for medium and large companies as well.

Like any tool, blog topics can be used improperly.  In order to avoid a blogging failure or backfire, avoid these common mistakes:seo-firms

  • Stick to a schedule – make it a habit to publish a blog post on a routine basis.  The consistency will pay off as readers learn your publishing schedule and look forward to the next blog.
  • Information, not sales – avoid the pitfall of your blog turning into a running advertisement.  Instead, make sure the blogs are providing valuable information that readers can use.  For example if your business provides accounting services, blog about new accounting laws or practices and how they may impact the reader.
  • Incorporating SEO – search engine optimization (SEO) is not only for web sites but it should be utilized as part of your blog strategy in order to improve search engine rankings and attract the right audience.
  • Title weakness – the headline of your blog is the first (and sometimes only) impression that your readers will get.  Put forth careful consideration on the blog title such as using SEO, authenticity, and making the title “pop” so it captures the interest of the reader.
  • Call to action – all blogs should have a specific marketing purpose.  Incorporate some type of next step for the reader to take.  This can include click to subscribe, use a link to order, call for more information, or send an email.
  • Comments – take notice of every comment on the blog, and take opinions or perspectives seriously and professionally.  Each comment is an opportunity to enhance the experience of all readers.

If your blogs are not getting the expected response, it may be time to have an experienced marketing services firm take a look and provide insight.

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