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How To Choose a Top Lead Generation Company

Posted by Ben Seldon

Watch out for the catchy tag lines and slogans from some lead generation firms.  They are often filled with empty promises with little-to-no return on your marketing investment.  To find a top lead generation company that can actually deliver results, you should pay close attention to the substance behind all the flashy presentation.

Choosing a Top Lead Generation Company

Most companies need a reliable lead generation company that works as more of a partner than just another vendor.  Consider these traits of some of the best lead generation companies:generate_sales_leads

  • Learns your business – the firm should listen more than talk from the very first interaction.  A good lead generation firm will pay close attention to your unique business offering and learn about your industry as a whole. 
  • Analyzes your customers – the best marketing firms will take a good look at your existing customers as well as review your target audience persona.  Developing and refining the profile of your ideal customer is one of the key first steps to successful marketing.
  • Performs a SWOT analysis – not every business wants to hear the whole story, but a good lead generation partner will look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to make sure the marketing strategy can address all points to maximize results.
  • Offers customized services – because every company is different, the lead generation firm should be flexible and provide a variety of services that can be tailored based on the specific business needs.  Services can include search engine optimization (SEO), email newsletters, social media posts, pay-per-click options, and content creation such as blogs, e-books, and web page information. 
  • Provides key performance metrics – there should always be some form of measurement in place to determine if progress is moving as expected.  Reports showing SEO rankings results, web page visitors, number of leads, conversion rates, and more should be tracked on a regular basis.

Whether you are seeking a lead generation company for a brief marketing initiative or a long term partner, you should choose a firm that provides up-front and honest services with reasonable pricing.

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