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How To Generate Leads From Your Existing Email Lists

Posted by Ben Seldon

Your email lists can have hidden treasures.  While every business wants to get results from generating leads through existing email lists, not all endeavors are successful.  Email lists can become outdated or the recipients do not fit properly into your target marketing persona.  The work involved to keep existing email lists current can be tedious also. 

Generate Leads Through Existing Email ListsLead-Generation-System

But there are benefits with generating leads through existing email lists, if you know some savvy techniques.  The following are some quick steps to help you get results:

  • Combine and categorize – if you have multiple email lists, combine them into one large list while also adding a category column.  For example, you may have had a customer subscribe to your email newsletter online and then also request to be added to an email list during a purchase of products or services.  By combining the lists, you can remove duplicates or note leads who have contacted you from more than just one source (this could mean they are very interested!).
  • Do a verification sweep – there are some handy email validation utilities available that can make sure you have valid email addresses.  Take your existing email lists and make sure the emails are still working.
  • Leverage social media – email addresses are often connected to social media accounts, so you can determine addresses that use Facebook and then invite them to like your pages.  You can also find people on Twitter using email addresses and follow them with the hope of a return follow. 
  • Personalized emails – determine addresses of current customers and clients who may not have purchased in some time.  Send special thank you emails or promotions to invite customers back with a special offer.
  • Referral incentives – create a special incentive for existing customers to refer new clients.  Online referrals is one of the best methods to generate leads.  Encouraging your customers to spread the word is a great way to increase quality leads.
  • Update profiles – requesting email recipients to update their profile with your company can help you to discover new insights which can lead to higher conversions.  Items such as marital status changes, moving locations, or new preferences can help you build a better relationship with the potential customer.

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