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How To Make Your Website Mobile Ready

Posted by Ben Seldon

As more online users turn to mobile devices for everyday business, companies should mandate that their web sites become mobile ready as quickly as possible.  Many standard corporate web sites today do not display or operate well on the small screens of a smart phone, and can actually discourage potential customers from patronizing your business.  It is time to examine your web site and make the necessary changes to keep your online business going and boost your conversion rates.

Keys to Mobile Ready Web Sitesonline-marketing

The following are some tips to get your web site compatible with mobile devices:

  • Size matters – a normal smart phone screen is a fraction of the size of standard computer monitors.  Make sure that text and images are sized small enough to fit on the screen but large enough to read easily without zooming.
  • Images – while you should use pictures and other images to make your website attractive and communicate marketing messages effectively, you should also carefully weigh the space that an image would occupy on a smartphone to the important text content.  Experiment and strike a healthy balance between the two.
  • Pushing buttons – users can get frustrated quickly if the tap buttons are spaced too closely on a site.  Position buttons and links so they can be easily selected and minimize the risk of pressing the wrong item.
  • Content – make sure your content is “compressed” so it fits neatly onto a smartphone screen.  But also make sure the content is effective and sends your marketing message in a manner that can provoke action by the reader.
  • Keep Statistics – monitor the effectiveness of your mobile web site to be sure you are getting the acceptance needed.  There are analytics tools available that can give you information specifically on mobile device users that access your web pages and help you identify areas for improvement.

Expertise Helps

Find a marketing services provider with mobile ready experience to help you with your web site project.  This can expedite the tasks while providing superior quality.

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