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Want To Generate Leads Without Burning Through Capital? Start Blogging.

Posted by Michael Olenick

Affordable Lead Generation Services

There hasn't been an easier argument to make since websites burst onto the business scene at the turn of the millennium. 

Back then, even before statistics could support the argument, the opportunities that websites presented Article_2_-_Header_Image.pngwere just too astonishing to ignore. But the bottom line was, if you wanted your business to dominate the competition, you needed a website.

Today, there is no way around the argument that if your search engine optimization company isn't blogging, then they aren't doing proper SEO on your behalf. There are astonishing statistics to support the argument, such as:

  • Marketers who make blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive return on their investment.
  • 82% of marketers who blog daily acquire customers via their blog.
  • Businesses that blog say that 54% more leads are generated by inbound marketing tactics like blogging than traditional paid marketing (TV, Radio, Print, etc).

How has blogging become such a necessary adjunct to a business website? It
might help to remember that search engines exist to provide users with timely, relevant and useful results. To deliver such results, they regularly scan websites for more than 100 indicators. The most important ones -- the ones that the search engines value most -- are those that blogging accomplishes:

  1. Publishing a blog article with fresh content “assures” the search engines that your website is alive and well. Each time you post a new page of content on your blog (when done properly, every post is a new indexed page on your site), the search engines take notice – and reward you for it with a nudge in the rankings. No wonder that 76% of business-to-business marketers say they will create more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.
  2. Publishing a blog article with original, high quality content on a blog similarly assures the search engines that you care about informing, educating and solving people's problems – the very objectives In_Body_Copy_-_LinkedIn_Article_2.jpgthey share. Answering your customer’s/patient’s common questions and concerns not only ensures they will come back to when they are ready to buy, it shows search engines you are the authority in your field. Gone are the days when “keyword stuffing” on web pages was enough to bolster rankings. Today, the search engines punish websites for this mindless tactic.
  3. Publishing a blog with fresh, original and high quality content that is shared by others via social media assures the search engines of an article's relevance and authority. So it behooves a business to spread the wealth of a blog by creating a “Social rapport” with towering players in a niche and engage in reciprocal sharing of content. Both tactics can lead to backlinks, or when a website links back to your site from its own site (search engines actively crawl for backlinks).

Since an original blog with fresh content is the key to higher rankings, you might wonder why an SEO company would sidestep the “yellow brick road” to success. The probable answer? It takes time, effort, talent, tenacity and creativity – traits that only the very best SEO company is poised to deliver.

We are readily available to answer any blogging or SEO questions you may have. Please feel free to click the button below to start generating leads today! 

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If Your SEO Company Isn't Doing These 3 Things....It's Time To Hire A New Agency

Posted by Michael Olenick

The 3 Things Your SEO Agency Must Be Doing

Running a business is a lot like running a marathon; you’re committed to long-term goals. For success in today’s competitive market, you must turn to proven endurance strategies to achieve your long-term goals. While most SEO agencies may make a misstep along the way, if your provider isn’t implementing each of these 3 key strategies, it’s time to hire a new agency. 

  1. Blogging. Blogging is SEO. It is without a doubt the most effective strategy for search engine optimization. Every time you publish a blog it creates an indexed, keyword-focused page on your website. This shows Google and other search engines that you’re active and relevant in your industry.benefits_of_blogging.png

 In addition to SEO performance, there is the Go Back To benefit of blogging:

  • Blogs serve to answer the common questions and concerns your clients have – making your business their information authority.
  • People always go back to where they got their information when they are ready to buy.

 Take it from our clients who have run a few marathons.

  • Those clients who blog attract 55% more visitors than those who do not.
  • Those clients who blog generate 88% more leads than those who do not.
  1. On-Site Optimization. An accomplished SEO firm will not only make sure that every single page is optimized; they will also explain to you the method behind the process. The best method of on-site optimization is to make sure each and every webpage has a keyword focus.

These crucial keyword needs to be included in your:

  • Page Titlesearch_engine_optimization.jpg
  • Web Page Content
  • Image Alt Text
  • Meta Description

Starting an online website and business without optimizing EVERY SINGLE webpage is like a running a marathon without shoes. Right off the starting line, you are going to suffer greatly. Your endurance won’t last and you are not going to get very far.

  1. YouTube. A majority of SEO firms are not taking advantage of YouTube as a critical tool to optimize performance. Today, YouTube actually surpasses Google in the number of searches per minute
  • YouTube has 2.78 million searches
  • Versus Google’s 4 million searches

Creating and posting YouTube videos for your product or services will, without a doubt, give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Discover More Proven SEO Endurance Strategies

Implementing these 3 strategies is crucial to your business’s online marketing success. You need a SEO firm with creativity, experience, and tenacity. These 3 are only the first of the most important pieces of strategy your SEO firm should be implementing and updating.

I can suggest many more techniques to help you generate online business. If you are tired of your SEO agency because they aren’t producing for you, feel free to reach out by clicking the button below!


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Who are the Best Hubspot Partners for Lead Generation?

Posted by Ben Seldon

The HubSpot tool set has been receiving rave reviews on how well it can help small, medium, and even large businesses manage their online marketing and work more efficiently to meet their marketing goals.  When it comes to lead generation, the HubSpot tools help you to generate more leads that have better conversion rates.  The best HubSpot partners have the expertise on hand to rapidly set up your lead generation platform and get quick turnaround on your marketing investment.

Best Hubspot Partners for Lead Generationgenerate_sales_leads

What makes the best HubSpot partners so effective?  There are some common practices that are used to help businesses of all sizes and all industries:

  • Definition of your target persona – the best HubSpot partners will start with an overview of your business model and get a clear understanding of your ideal customer type.  This target audience persona will contain some specific details such as geographic location, income levels, common interests, buying habits, and more.  By understanding your business and your customers, you can lay a solid foundation for your online lead generation plan.
  • SEO – search engine optimization is often thrown around in the marketing arena.  There is real value when SEO is utilized properly.  It is not a one-time project, however.  SEO requires ongoing maintenance and tuning that a good HubSpot partner can do as part of the services provided.  The right keywords and phrases will attract the highest quality leads that convert more easily to customers.
  • Multi-channel marketing – in the online marketing world, you should utilize more than just your web site for SEO and other marketing initiatives.  Include email subscriptions, social media, blog posts, e-books, and other tools to help improve your search engine rankings and attract the best leads.
  • Overall quality – your online marketing should present a consistent message in all areas, and the content should be informative and interesting to read.  The best HubSpot partners will help you to generate content that gets attention and provokes positive action in the reader based on your marketing goals.  If you want more email subscribers, more inquiries, or more customers, you must have high quality content.

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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Who are the Best Hubspot Partners For Blogging?

Posted by Ben Seldon

HubSpot has developed a superior reputation for providing online marketing solutions that cover all types of inbound marketing strategies.  A HubSpot partner network was established to certify marketing firms that utilize the HubSpot tool sets to help their clients succeed online.  The best HubSpot partners stand out in the crowd because of their added reputation and their ability to deliver

Best Hubspot Partners for Blogging

When it comes to finding a reliable blogging firm, choosing from one of the best HubSpot partners should be the first place to go.  Some of the qualities to look for in a blogging firm include:

  • HubSpot certification – the work to become certified insures that you are working with a knowledgeable partner that can perform the work according to HubSpot’s best practices.
  • New ideas – the marketing firm should be ready to offer new suggestions and insights to give your marketing strategy a breath of fresh air.  Be open minded to some of the ideas regarding blogs and give them a try to see how they go.
  • Clear methodology – your blogging partner should have a clear process in place to generate blogs on a regular basis that help you to build your customer base.  The steps should always include search engine optimization (SEO) as well as a review of your target audience.
  • Key performance metrics – every reputable marketing firm should provide a report card that lets you know how well their services are performing.  The metrics that are used should be agreed upon by both you and the firm.  Some metrics may include overall web page visitors, leads generated, conversion rate, and comparisons to your target audience profile.
  • Communication – your blogging partner should follow up extensively to make sure they are meeting your needs.  From the beginning of the project there should be dialogue around understanding your business and your marketing plan.  Then, throughout the process, updates and information should be exchanged to keep the momentum moving in the right direction.

Seldon Marketing is HubSpot certified and has a longstanding reputation for generating highly effective blogs.  When you are looking for the best HubSpot partners, turn to Seldon Marketing.

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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Who To Hire To Manage Your PPC Budget?

Posted by Ben Seldon

Pay per click is a terrific method to quickly boost your traffic and attract specific types of leads for your business.  For years pay per click (PPC) has been used successfully to launch new businesses, introduce new products or services, or expand territory.  Marketing professionals should be cautious, however.  Without proper PPC budget management, you could find yourself on the bad side of PPC.

The Dark Side of PPCmarketing-firm

It is a best practice to implement some form of PPC marketing as part of your online strategy.  But before diving in with both feet, carefully examine some of the less attractive aspects of PPC:

  • Some PPC companies are simply in it for the money.  The presentation may be attractive, but the PPC firm may take your payments and not follow through to make sure your expectations are being met.
  • PPC can get out of control.  You can go overboard with unnecessary PPC keywords and phrases.  It is important to manage what you pay for on a regular basis and update the information routinely.  This can mean a weekly or monthly review at a minimum.
  • Return on your PPC investment can fail if mismanaged.  Keeping a close eye on how your PPC initiatives perform is key to making sure you achieve the goals you set.  Routine follow up and analysis reports should provide timely insights to make sure the PPC project is on track.

To make sure you have the best PPC budget management, work with a marketing services firm that not only understands how to implement PPC effectively, but will also work with you to stay within budget to achieve your marketing goals.

Top Firm for PPC Budget Management

Seldon Marketing has the expertise and tools to launch a PPC initiative from scratch or to take over an existing PPC project and turn it around to be successful.  The key to Seldon Marketing’s success is their ability to work one-on-one with businesses to make sure the project is well managed, achieves the goals, and stays within budget.  Regular follow up and analysis reporting are keystones of the Seldon Marketing advantage.

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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Who Are The Top 10 SEO Agencies in the United States?

Posted by Ben Seldon

In 2014, Forbes magazine noted some of the top SEO experts in the United States, many of whom work for or run some very successful firms.  Some of the notable firms include SEOMoz, Copyblogger, KISSMetrics, Seer Interactive, and others.  Seldon Marketing can easily be ranked as a top United States SEO agency as well.

A Top United States SEO Agencyseo-company

To get to the top as a United States SEO agency, your company must have a certain set of traits and skills.  These include:

  • Adaptive methodology – show the ability to adapt to the client’s specific needs and tailor a set of services that will be within budget while still providing a successful solution.
  • Strong technical skills – understand clearly the technology behind search engine optimization, including the use of on page optimization, off page optimization, and web site structure.
  • Solid experience – present a proven track record of successful SEO implementations and use that knowledge to help your new clients.
  • Marketing knowledge – in the end, SEO is a component of marketing and should be treated as such.  Understanding how SEO fits into a marketing plan is an essential part of achieving success for any venture.
  • Communication – throughout the SEO implementation, there should be a steady stream of communication between the firm and the client.  A clear understanding of the current status and any open issues should be known to both parties.
  • Follow up – SEO work requires ongoing tuning and management.  Your SEO agency should routinely provide reports and analytics information to support any changes and to track the success of the current SEO settings.
  • Best practices and benchmarking – your SEO agency should share with you the information for best practices, including the appropriate metrics to measure success.  Additionally, a method of benchmarking against similar industries or even competitors should be available to help you determine the best approach.

There are many SEO firms in the US.  But when you need the right United States SEO agency to help you succeed in a very competitive market, Seldon Marketing is the firm to call first. 

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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What Does it Cost to Hire a Top Blogging Company?

Posted by Ben Seldon

Blogging is a proven marketing technique that helps businesses in several ways:

  • Boosts search engine rankings when SEO is used
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Generates leads
  • Establishes your business as an authoritative source on the subject

But the effort involved in generating blogs on a regular basis can be quite time consuming for small and medium businesses.  There often just is not enough time in the day to write and publish quality blogs while also running a business. 

Finding Top Blogging Companies internet-marketing

Blogging companies can help keep your blog producing content regularly, which allows the employees you would otherwise have writing your content to focus on their main job.  Finding top blogging companies can be a bit difficult, unless you know some of the key steps to find the best.  Don’t be fooled by the quick-fix agencies that can churn out a lot of meaningless blogs. 

The costs can vary greatly among top blogging companies, so use these tips to help you find the right one for you that will provide the greatest value:

  • Start with the basics – your blogging firm should take time to get to know your business and your marketing plan.  This basic first step can let you know right away whether or not the firm is right for you.
  • Comprehensive services – blogging involves more than just cobbling together some articles.  There should be research that includes search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and phrases that coincide with your marketing campaign, social media usage, email incorporation, and more.  Make sure the firm can provide the services that you need.
  • SEO – the work involved with SEO should be ongoing and part of a routine blog schedule.  By fine tuning your SEO, you can get continuous improvements in visitor traffic and conversion rates.

Individualized plans – your blogging company should be able to assemble a suite of services that is based around your specific marketing goals and your marketing budget.  Beware of companies that have bundled packages and are not flexible in adapting to your needs.

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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Who is the Most Successful SEO Company in the United States?

Posted by Ben Seldon

For business conducted in the United States, the right marketing approach is essential.  Part of the marketing tactics should include search engine optimization (SEO) as well as other inbound marketing techniques.  To find the most successful United States SEO company, you should look for experts in SEO and inbound marketing.

Important Services a United States SEO Company Can ProvideSEO

  • Enriched content – using content that is high quality and which leverages SEO can make a huge difference in the success of your marketing plan.  Make sure the content is relevant to your business and is not just filled with meaningless keywords and phrases.  Search engine providers such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have sophisticated algorithms that will look for relevancy, and if it is not found, your search ranking will be dropped.  This means when potential clients search for your type of product or service you will be less likely to appear near the top.
  • Publish options – your content should be made available on your company web pages, but it can also be used as part of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other places.  Content can be used with email newsletters, blog posts, and e-books to help establish your company as an authoritative source.
  • Key performance metrics – the best SEO companies will provide reports and metrics indicating the success of your initiatives.  This information can include the number of web page visitors, lead generation statistics, conversion rates, and important demographic information.  This data can then be compared to your target audience profile to determine if further tuning is needed to get the most return on your marketing investment.

Seldon Marketing is among the most successful SEO companies in the United States.  To get your products or services moving in the United States, Seldon Marketing can tailor a suite of services that will help you to meet your marketing goals while staying within your marketing budget requirements.  From e-books to blogs, newsletters to web page content, Seldon Marketing can utilize SEO and other inbound marketing to deliver results.

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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How Internet Marketing Has Changed and Why Your Business Needs to Adapt

Posted by Ben Seldon

There is more to internet marketing than meets the eye.  There was a time when just counting the number of page hits would suffice.  Those days are long gone, and there is more to come in the world of online marketing.

New Age in Internet Marketing

Get prepared for the new age of internet marketing that includes:online-marketing-firms

  • Stronger SEO – search engine providers such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are all adding more complexity to their algorithms.  Having just a few keywords repeated on your web site is no longer acceptable – as a matter of fact it could be detrimental to your search rankings.  Your search engine optimization should be an ongoing routine that regularly updates content on your web pages and makes sure the information is relevant and logical for the products or services that you provide.
  • Going mobile – the number of people who utilize smartphones and tablets to search and order online is increasing exponentially.  Business web pages must be mobile-ready so the smaller screens and different search routines function properly.
  • Video power – the graphics and videos that are used online are becoming even more important.  Having a professional firm to help with the design and implementation of videos and graphics is a wise investment.
  • Social media – the influence of social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others is indisputable.  Your marketing strategy should include how you plan to incorporate social media for lead generation and what processes should be in place to monitor social media activities.
  • Customer retention – thanks to online capabilities, you can lose customers even faster than before.  The good news is you can also gain customers quickly through an aggressive inbound marketing plan.  With insights into best practices and the ability to benchmark against other industries or competitors, you can understand customer behavior and create a retention plan to keep your clients coming back.

For the best internet marketing approach, you should consult with a marketing service provider with experience and the ability to tailor a plan to meet your needs and budget.

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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Who Provides High Quality Blogging Services in NYC?

Posted by Ben Seldon

Blogs can be a powerful marketing tool when utilized properly.  Many businesses believe that the “do it yourself” blogs are acceptable, but there are some sophisticated ways to make a blog even more effective.  There are NYC blogging services available that can help businesses in and around New York City to boost their marketing success.


High Quality NYC Blogging Services

Seldon Marketing is the premier provider for NYC blogging services.  The Seldon Marketing methodology is based around creating the best content that is tailored to your business.  The content can include e-books, email newsletters, web pages, and blogs that generate leads with high conversion rates.

Seldon Marketing provides high quality blogging services using the following strategies:

  • Focus on the target audience – take time to understand the business and develop a strong target persona that includes demographic details as well as habits, hobbies, purchasing trends, complimentary businesses, and more.
  • Strong SEO – search engine optimization does not end with just one round of research.  There is regular tuning and refinement that should take place to make sure your business “dials in” to the potential customers and attracts their attention.
  • Rich content – blogs should be highly informative so that your business is considered an authoritative source in your particular industry.  In addition to informing the readers, the content should be lively and entertaining to capture attention and provoke action.
  • Proper promotion – once your blog is published, the work to promote the blog should begin.  Leverage your blog on Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles, Twitter posts and other social media sites.  You blog can also be part of email newsletters and industry forums, but should be produced in such a way that they do not feel like a sales pitch.
  • Statistics – Seldon Marketing uses key performance indicators to determine the success of your blogs and other marketing initiatives.  Some KPI’s can include the number of visitors, leads generated, email subscribers, conversion rates, and more. 

Best of all, the team at Seldon Marketing understands that all businesses are in some way unique, which is why they tailor an approach and set of services around your specific business needs and budget.

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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