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Why Seldon Marketing is One of the Best Reviewed Blogging Companies

Posted by Ben Seldon

In the United States, Seldon Marketing has become one of the best reviewed blogging companies for several reasons.  In a very short period of time, this marketing services firm has created a very successful business model that helps companies achieve their marketing goals.

To become a best reviewed blogging company, there are several key factors that must be in place:blog-writers

  • Experience – with multiple decades of experience, Seldon Marketing is able to make technology work for marketing without the overwhelming expense that often comes with technology investments.
  • Skills – while understanding the technology is important for online marketing, there is also a strong requirement to understand how inbound and outbound marketing can work together and where strengths and weaknesses are found.  With substantial marketing knowledge, the Seldon firm can help to apply the best strategies and solutions.
  • Services – the best marketing firms will have a comprehensive set of services that can be tailored to suit a particular marketing plan.  The services should include search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, email management, lead generation, social media engagement, and content generation. 
  • Content – to become a best reviewed blogging company, Seldon recruited some of the best talent to create content.  The SEO-rich writing will help to improve search results rankings and also establish the business as an authoritative source.  Content should be creative and witty while also staying focused on the marketing message for the target audience.  Blogs, email newsletters, e-books, web pages, and other content should flow smoothly and consistently to support the business and generate leads.
  • Follow through – once content is utilized, it is important to do monitoring and analysis to determine if the goals were reached.  The Seldon Marketing Firm has a strict methodology that will help to review online content and make sure it is attracting the best possible leads and helping to increase conversions from visitors to customers.

Best Reviewed Blogging Company

Above all, the personalized attention that Seldon Marketing is able to provide puts this firm on the top tier of marketing service providers.  While many companies will market themselves as one of the best, Seldon Marketing can deliver real results.

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Best Reviewed PPC Marketing Firms in the United States

Posted by Ben Seldon

Using a pay-per-click service can be a terrific investment to quickly boost your marketing momentum.  But it is very important to choose a reputable PPC marketing firm before making the commitment.  The wrong choice can leave you with a failed marketing initiative and an empty marketing budget.

Finding the Best Reviewed PPC Marketing Firm in the

Using reviews can help you pick the best PPC marketing firm.  Some of the criteria when checking reviews should include:

  • Responsiveness – how quickly does the firm react when first contacted and then throughout the process?  Be aware that some firms may be eager to take your payment at the beginning, but then almost disappear later in the project.
  • Focus – many PPC marketing firms have a “cookie cutter” approach with their clients.  The firm pays little attention to the unique needs of the company while forcing the process in order to make it easy for the firm to quickly be paid.  Quality PPC firms will focus on the specific needs of the business and help to align the PPC work with the marketing goals.
  • Services – while many firms simply offer PPC services, the best firms will provide several supporting services that complement the PPC work.  Some of the additional services may include search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, web design, and content creation including blogs, e-books, articles, or newsletters.  The firm may also manage your email and social media posts to help improve the quality of responses.
  • Measure progress – keeping statistics on the number of visitors to your web pages is a first start, but your PPC firm should also make sure the quality of the leads helps to boost your conversion rate.  Online marketing initiatives require regular monitoring along with fine tuning to make sure you are receiving the best possible return on investment.

Benchmarking and best practices – your PPC marketing firm should have enough experience to provide advice and guidance on your online marketing strategy.  While the services should be tailored to meet your specific marketing goals, there should be suggestions offered to help you make the most out of your investment and help you get the results needed for success.

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Who is the Top Email Marketing Firm in America?

Posted by Ben Seldon

Email can be one of the most successful marketing tools, or it can become a marketing nightmare.  With the right strategy in place, you can avoid some of the problems with emails and use this resource to help boost your marketing

Top Email Marketing Firm Strategies

Bad email strategies often end up with very frustrated recipients who flag your emails as spam, or too many invalid email addresses that return as rejected.  The maintenance work and the updates can be enough to discourage even the best marketing professionals.

One of the best ways to make sure your strategy works well is to use a reputable email marketing firm.  The best firm will take your existing email list and build on it, plus implement a solid marketing plan to get the most out of the email campaigns.

Some of the most successful email techniques include:

  • Start with initial cleaning – review your existing email lists and your past email campaigns and assess the strengths and weaknesses.  Clean out invalid emails and make sure the addresses have the most accurate information possible.
  • Refocus on your target audience – revisit your target marketing persona and make adjustments where needed.  Do some analysis on the demographics and key traits to make sure your focus is on the right audience.  This can include a review of location data, income levels, frequently used web pages, and other information.
  • Create the best content possible – make sure the content of your email newsletters sends the right marketing message while also incorporating SEO and keeping the message entertaining.  The reader should have a call-to-action and be influenced to take that action when reading the email.  This includes using an attention-grabbing subject line, personalized messages, and informative content.
  • Consider the frequency – sending multiple emails a day may not be the best idea.  Research your audience and understand what their preferences might be in regards to emails.  Taking a survey of your email subscribers could be a good option, or you can create a frequency option as part of the email subscriber preferences.

An experienced email marketing firm can make sure your email plans are successful for your business.  For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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How To Choose a Top Lead Generation Company

Posted by Ben Seldon

Watch out for the catchy tag lines and slogans from some lead generation firms.  They are often filled with empty promises with little-to-no return on your marketing investment.  To find a top lead generation company that can actually deliver results, you should pay close attention to the substance behind all the flashy presentation.

Choosing a Top Lead Generation Company

Most companies need a reliable lead generation company that works as more of a partner than just another vendor.  Consider these traits of some of the best lead generation companies:generate_sales_leads

  • Learns your business – the firm should listen more than talk from the very first interaction.  A good lead generation firm will pay close attention to your unique business offering and learn about your industry as a whole. 
  • Analyzes your customers – the best marketing firms will take a good look at your existing customers as well as review your target audience persona.  Developing and refining the profile of your ideal customer is one of the key first steps to successful marketing.
  • Performs a SWOT analysis – not every business wants to hear the whole story, but a good lead generation partner will look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to make sure the marketing strategy can address all points to maximize results.
  • Offers customized services – because every company is different, the lead generation firm should be flexible and provide a variety of services that can be tailored based on the specific business needs.  Services can include search engine optimization (SEO), email newsletters, social media posts, pay-per-click options, and content creation such as blogs, e-books, and web page information. 
  • Provides key performance metrics – there should always be some form of measurement in place to determine if progress is moving as expected.  Reports showing SEO rankings results, web page visitors, number of leads, conversion rates, and more should be tracked on a regular basis.

Whether you are seeking a lead generation company for a brief marketing initiative or a long term partner, you should choose a firm that provides up-front and honest services with reasonable pricing.

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Who Are The Top SEO Consultants in the United States?

Posted by Ben Seldon

Marketing in the USA requires a particular set of skills.  You must know the culture and habits while also being able to leverage technology to achieve results.  There are United States SEO consultants that can assist you with various marketing efforts.  But which of these would be the best to use?

Top SEO Consultants in the U.S.

The top United States SEO consultants share some common traits.  These characteristics can include:online-marketing

  • A comprehensive toolset – there is more to online marketing than just search engine optimization.  While SEO is important, other tools should be used, including web design, email newsletters, e-books, blogs, social media, and more.
  • Understanding your target persona – the profile of your ideal customer is a crucial step to achieving marketing success.  Demographics and other information should be gathered using an analysis of your existing customers and research on other potential customers.
  • Attracting quality leads – some United States SEO consultants will focus only on getting an increase in web page traffic.  This could be good, but you are not likely to receive an adequate conversion rate.  The best consultants will know that generating the highest quality leads will lead to much better conversion rates.
  • Follow through – many consultants will spend time up front and then abandon their marketing efforts.  The best consultants will keep track of the results and show you the incremental improvements along with areas to fine tune.
  • Flexible costs – the better SEO consultants will be able to tailor a set of services based around your specific needs and your budget.  For example, an SEO firm may offer pay-per-click and SEO only, while another firm may have SEO and web design only.  Better companies can provide all of the services you need at a rate that will work for your company.

Many SEO companies will claim to be the best.  But before you commit to use their services, be sure to carefully investigate your options and look at the capabilities and success stories of the firm.  Some SEO companies will take your money and leave you with very little results.  The best firms will maintain good communication and provide you with realistic pricing and services to produce the best results for your business.

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How To Generate Leads From Your Existing Email Lists

Posted by Ben Seldon

Your email lists can have hidden treasures.  While every business wants to get results from generating leads through existing email lists, not all endeavors are successful.  Email lists can become outdated or the recipients do not fit properly into your target marketing persona.  The work involved to keep existing email lists current can be tedious also. 

Generate Leads Through Existing Email ListsLead-Generation-System

But there are benefits with generating leads through existing email lists, if you know some savvy techniques.  The following are some quick steps to help you get results:

  • Combine and categorize – if you have multiple email lists, combine them into one large list while also adding a category column.  For example, you may have had a customer subscribe to your email newsletter online and then also request to be added to an email list during a purchase of products or services.  By combining the lists, you can remove duplicates or note leads who have contacted you from more than just one source (this could mean they are very interested!).
  • Do a verification sweep – there are some handy email validation utilities available that can make sure you have valid email addresses.  Take your existing email lists and make sure the emails are still working.
  • Leverage social media – email addresses are often connected to social media accounts, so you can determine addresses that use Facebook and then invite them to like your pages.  You can also find people on Twitter using email addresses and follow them with the hope of a return follow. 
  • Personalized emails – determine addresses of current customers and clients who may not have purchased in some time.  Send special thank you emails or promotions to invite customers back with a special offer.
  • Referral incentives – create a special incentive for existing customers to refer new clients.  Online referrals is one of the best methods to generate leads.  Encouraging your customers to spread the word is a great way to increase quality leads.
  • Update profiles – requesting email recipients to update their profile with your company can help you to discover new insights which can lead to higher conversions.  Items such as marital status changes, moving locations, or new preferences can help you build a better relationship with the potential customer.

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Find a United States SEO Firm That Specializes in Lead Generation

Posted by Ben Seldon

You can easily locate firms that claim to have exemplary SEO capabilities.  But for companies wanting to boost business in the United States, are there any marketing services firms that actually use SEO for lead generation?

Firms that Use SEO for Lead Generationgenerate_sales_leads

To choose the best company that specializes in SEO for lead generation, we should first explore the different ways that SEO is used for marketing.

  • Search engine optimization, or SEO, has the primary purpose of improving search engine rankings for businesses.  SEO will help people and other businesses located your company more easily.  When certain keywords or phrases are used in Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines, they can connect your business to the person who is performing the search.  With a higher ranking for search terms related to your company, you can appear higher on the list of results, which increases the likelihood of your business being chosen.
  • SEO keywords and phrases can be “purchased” through the various search engine providers.  Google Ad Words and other utilities will help to improve your search rankings and have options to list your business in highlighted sections of the results page.  Some SEO firms work specifically in this area.
  • Content is a key part of SEO.  Some firms focus their efforts specifically on content.  If your web page has the most relevant content pertaining to your business, your search rankings should improve dramatically.  Content can include the web pages, blogs, e-books, and other information.
  • Through the use of social media, SEO has gained a lot of traction.  Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more are included in the search engine algorithms, and based on the number of “likes” or “retweets,” your business may get an increased ranking.  Some SEO firms focus specifically on social media as their marketing strategy.

But the best firms that leverage SEO for lead generation combine these services and more to provide better results and to get the highest quality leads possible.  The right firm will take a good look at your marketing goals and tailor an SEO lead generation plan that is unique to your business.

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3 Reasons Blogging and Custom Content are the Key To Online Marketing Success

Posted by Ben Seldon

How do you gauge online marketing success?  Is it an increase in the number of visitors to your business web site?  Is it a higher number of qualified leads?  Or perhaps it could be your overall conversion rate?  In all of these cases, blogging and custom content can be an integral part of your online marketing success.

Blogging and Custom Contentblog-writers

There are three key reasons to make blogging and custom content a priority in your marketing strategy:

  1. Boosting SEO – improved search engine optimization can be achieved with higher quality blog posts and content that is enriched with relevant keywords and phrases.  With a better search engine ranking, you will get more visitors, better leads, and higher conversion rates.  As the algorithms used in search engines become even more sophisticated, there is a greater demand for relevant content that is applicable to the topic searched.  With blogs, e-books, and other content that leverages SEO keywords, you can increase your chances for better rankings.
  2. Influence – great blogging and custom content can not only help to educate the readers, but it can also help to establish your company as an authoritative source on your industry products or services.  Building and expanding your influence can have a cascading effect to drive more visitors, better leads, and greater customer conversion rates.  Your content could be shared by others, which will generate more referrals and clicks to your site. 
  3. Multiple uses – the best blogs and content can be used in many places.  While it is important to post it to your corporate web site, the content can also be a link that is embedded in an email newsletter.  The links can be used as part of Facebook posts, Twitter, or even LinkedIn articles.  The content can be linked as a reference on industry forums as well if you desire.  For the investment in the best content, you can get a very good return with multiple uses in a variety of areas.

To make the most out of blogging and custom content, it is prudent to work with an experienced marketing services firm that can help you create the best content for success.

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Why TV Advertising is a Thing of the Past

Posted by Ben Seldon

There was a time when television advertising was considered the premier method of getting brand recognition and generating sales.  While traditional television is still widely used and advertising continues, there are problems with TV advertising that marketers should note.

TV Advertising and its Weaknesses

Before entering into an expensive contract, review these problems with TV advertising:internet-marketing

  • Viewership is declining – there has been a marked decline in traditional television viewers over the last several years.  Most recently, there has been as much as 10% or more decline over the last few months.  This means that your advertisement may not reach as many as you may expect.
  • No real target audience – traditional broadcast stations will cover a large territory, but are not able to provide a more detailed or granular level of direct marketing.  If you wish to reach persons with a household income of $100,000 or greater, for example, television advertising cannot provide that option.
  • Costs versus ROI – the return on investment is one of the key problems with TV advertising.  Placing a television ad can be tremendously expensive depending on the time slot and station, and there is no guarantee that the ad will be seen by the right audience to generate enough sales to recoup the costs.
  • Limited reporting – while the station or channel may be able to provide generic ratings information, there is very little reporting that can help you know if the advertisement was effective.

Online and Streaming VIdeos

The newer trend that avoids most problems with TV advertising is online and streaming video sites.  The number of viewers for these sites is dramatically increasing because there is more flexibility and greater variety delivered.  The advertising costs for these sites is much less expensive, and through SEO, demographic information, and other techniques you can have more control over delivery to your target audience.  Reporting for online advertising is much more comprehensive, allowing you to know the types of viewers and whether there was a “click through” to your web page. 

Top Marketing Experts

To make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget, consider working with Seldon Marketing, experienced professionals who can get your advertisements on the right sites.

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What Does It Cost To Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant in the U.S?

Posted by Ben Seldon

It seems that the costs for almost everything are increasing.  Even United States inbound marketing consultant costs can be a bit intimidating at first.  But with the right research, you can find the perfect partner and get the best return on your investment


Cost to Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant

There are three key items to evaluate when looking at United States inbound marketing consultant costs:

  1. Bundle or itemized – some firms provide a set of services that are bundled together for one price.  Other consultants may have an itemized list of services that are billed individually.  The best consultants will offer a choice between the two and provide a set of services that are tailored to your specific needs.
  2. Types of services – some consultants may focus on one area of services, such as search engine optimization (SEO).  You may go to one firm for one service, and then another consultant for a different service.  The better marketing service providers will have a comprehensive service offering that can include content such as blogs, e-books, email newsletters, social media and more.  Also check for HubSpot certifications to make sure your provider is well trained on the inbound marketing services so you can get quality results faster.
  3. ROI – your return on investment (ROI) should always be considered for marketing projects.  Costs for SEO or pay-per-click can get out of control quickly.  Think about key performance measures to calculate your ROI.  This may include number of visitors for pages, conversion rate, leads generated, or other items.  Set realistic goals based on your current metrics and then the results after implementing marketing services.  Agree with your marketing consultant on the goals and the method used to measure.

United States inbound marketing consultant costs can be managed well when you first choose the service provider that matches your business needs.  Look for a HubSpot certified company that will take the time at the beginning to learn about your company products and services without immediately pressuring you to buy a package of services.  Marketing consultants that show flexibility are better equipped to help you achieve your specific marketing goals.

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