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Posted by Ben Seldon

A great way to jump start your online marketing initiatives is to use pay per click advertising. Pay per click - PPC in marketing lingo - allows a company to only pay when an online user clicks a specific link. This avoids paying unnecessary banner advertising or other online marketing techniques that do not actually result in a web page visit.

Pay Per Click - PPC - Marketing Firm

20955761_s.jpgThere are important tips and techniques for PPC, so using the right NYC pay per click marketing firm is a crucial step to success.

Some of the important points to note when launching any NYC pay per click marketing include:

  • Does the firm have a good understanding of your target audience persona? The marketing agency should take the time to understand your business and have a clear picture of the demographics of your ideal customer. Key traits of your target audience will help in designing the most effective PPC campaign.
  • Is there a weekly or monthly budget for PPC? The expenses for PPC marketing can get out of hand very quickly, so it is important to manage these costs to stay within an assigned budget. Work with your marketing firm to establish criteria around PPC expenses. Then, have a process in place to review the costs regularly.
  • How do you define PPC success? Different companies will define pay per click marketing success in different ways. Your business may want to set Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) around the number of web page visitors. Set a KPI for qualified leads and conversion rates. Another option is based around your specific marketing campaign goals, such as visitors in a certain geographic area or visitors to a specific new product launch or promotional page.
  • What is the length of your PPC campaign? The length of time you run your PPC advertisements can depend on the campaign or your marketing strategy. You may choose to have an ongoing PPC initiative Or, set a specific time period such as a few weeks or months. Discuss your options with your marketing firm to make the best decision.

Choose a TOP NYC PPC marketing firm to work with. Click the icon below to meet with a Seldon Marketing Company PPC Marketing Expert - or, call direct 646.342.3162.

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