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How To Choose From the Best Medical Marketing Firms In NYC

Posted by Ben Seldon

How To Choose From the Best Medical Marketing Firms In NYC

Medical practices have unique issues surrounding their marketing planning and strategy.  The best medical marketing firms understand that while the practices need to reach their audience successfully, they also must carefully comply with federal regulations such as HIPAA.

For example in images and advertisements using real patients could be considered an invasion of privacy unless proper release forms are used. 

To find the best medical marketing firms consider these key items:How To Choose From the Best Medical Marketing Firms In NYC

Compliance – HIPAA is just one area of concern for medical practices.  Others can include false advertising and promising complete cures with services that could be inappropriately stated.  Your marketing firm must understand how to delicately handle these compliance issues.

Multiple online channels – your medical practice can use much more than just a web site or an online directory service.  Consider using email newsletters, blogs, Ebooks, and even social media to help promote your practice.

Strong content – the content used for your web site and all other online communications should be easy to read for most of your target audience without getting too complicated by using medical terminology.  Readers should be interested and enticed to read more or request an appointment.

Brand identity – every medical practice will have some form of brand identity to nurture in online marketing.  Make sure your marketing strategy is built around the brand identity that you wish to create.

Online analytics and SEO – through online tools and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies you can make sure your medical practice is easy to find at the right time.  For example a potential patient looking for a dermatologist who specializes in aging skin should be able to easily find the right practice.

The best medical marketing firms will work with you and your medical practice teams to make sure all online initiatives are successful and remain compliant.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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