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How We Took 2 Of Our Oral Surgeon's Old Email Lists and Turned It Into $250,000

Posted by Michael Olenick

Two of our oral surgeon’s old email lists had been hanging around so long, serving no useful purpose, so our oral surgeon decided he might as well discard them. But wait; not so fast!

A closer look at his lists revealed why they also failed to serve a useful purposewhen they were pressed into action: The lists were being used for “email blasts,” an off-putting term that refers to the practice of “blasting” the same message to a large group of people. Often, the message is also topped by an equally off-putting greeting, such as “Dear Future Patient.”

With some fundamental tweaks – and a few changes on the back end of the campaign – our oral surgeon generated $250,000 in new surgeries, providing a boom to his practice at a low cost.

His experience underscores why placing your email lists in the right hands can spell the difference between exponential success and abysmal failure.

Adding Up The Benefits of Email Marketing

Fortunately, our oral surgeon understood the fundamental benefits of email marketing. His only mistake was viewing them as “old school” compared to other, newer forms of multichannel marketing, such as social media. But what's “old” is new again, meaning that email marketing is making an inbound marketing resurgence, and for good reason – and actually eight good reasons. Consider that email marketing can:

  • Greatly reduce the traditional lag time between creative development and implementation of a marketing campaign
  • Cost very little compared to the money it generates
  • Deliver an astonishing return on investment
  • Generate immediate response
  • Allow for more frequent communication (though you don't want to overdo it, either)
  • Afford you the ability to test new messages and calls to action – and quickly make changes based on the results
  • Be shared by others with the simple click of a button
  • Be tracked with ease

Achieving These Benefits

As the oral surgeon discovered, all of these benefits are splendid possibilities. They can become realities only if you put your email marketing campaign in the hands of a marketing company that will take two extra steps on your behalf:

  • Segmenting your email lists (having email content designed specifically for people looking for dental implants, or teeth whitening, or wisdom teeth removal, or another high ticket service).
  • Personalizing your emails (having a first and last name of the patient, opposed to “valued patient”)

Segmenting essentially dispenses with mass-produced email blasts by breaking down a group of intended recipients into targeted segments. Research has shownthat segmented emails can generate 50 percent more clicks than unsegmented emails. Choose two or choose 22 segments; an accomplished marketing company will work with you to develop criteria that are important to your business.

Segmenting emails is the No. 1 tactic for increasing the relevancy of emails, and personalization is right behind. It replaces salutations such as “Dear Future Patient” with first and last names and doesn't miss an opportunity to enhance the message with other personal touches, if and where appropriate to the message.

It takes time, effort, talent, tenacity and creativity to segment and personalize emails – qualities that only the most experienced and conscientious marketing company is poised and ready to deliver. Like our oral surgeon's practice, your business could well depend on it.

Let me help your medical practice start generating high quality leads from email lists you thought were useless. Please call me at (201) 220-0507 or click the button below and we'll be in touch shortly. 

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What You Need To Know Before Starting Email Marketing

Posted by Ben Seldon

What You Need To Know Before Starting Email Marketing

One of the most frequent tasks for modern business people is to check email.  This makes email a very important method for marketing and promotion.  However, email marketing can be treading on thin ice and must be properly managed to avoid the dreaded junk mail folder.

Before you begin your email marketing initiatives, consider these tips:What You Need To Know Before Starting Email Markerting

Avoid blasting emails without a target audience – make sure you have a clear understanding of your target audience and refine your email list so that only addresses that meet your target audience criteria are used.

Offer a subscription service – make it very easy for visitors to subscribe to your email list via your web site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites.  Likewise, have a very easy opt-out capability that is clearly communicated with every email.

Encourage referrals – offer your existing customers and email lists the ability to refer others to join the subscription services.

Manage frequency – multiple emails every day can become an annoyance.  Get to know your email audience and look at how they respond to emails.  If you get a better opening rate in the morning, send at that time instead of late night.  If Tuesdays work better than Fridays, use that.

Watch your style – try different email approaches to determine what works best.  Sales or contests might be a great approach, but in other cases you may want to try educational information, industry updates, or announcing new products.

Content is king – no matter what type of email you send, make sure you leverage SEO properly and always include links back to your web site for more information.  This will increase your visitor traffic with qualified leads and help your search engine rankings.

An experienced email marketing provider can guide you through the proper steps to make your email campaigns a huge success and avoid falling into the junk email folder.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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Email Marketing NYC

Posted by Ben Seldon

Email Marketing NYC

New Yorkers are notoriously busy.  Emails have become one of the more preferred methods of communication for harried NYC customers and clients.  In just a few moments when they check emails, issues can be addressed, questions answered, and new opportunities discovered.

Email marketing in NYC requires a special formula that is designed for the hectic lifestyle of a busy city.  What are some ways to get the attention of people who stay so hurried throughout the day?

Try these tips to make email marketing work in the big city:

Captivating subject line – it is important not to be deceptive, but to create an alluring subject line that will provoke someone to stop and open the email completely.  It is not enough to justemail marketing say “Open for great deals” – you need to be specific to get the right level of attention.  Instead try “Get 10% off plus free shipping at My Boutique” or “Inventory Closeout up to 75% off all Men’s Jewelry”

To the point content – the content of your email should have some specific categories and subjects that target your specific audience.  If you are looking for buyers of men’s watches, make sure the content uses phrases and brand names of men’s watches that will attract specific customers.

Graphics – images and graphics can be great to attract customers, but be conservative on your use because not everyone will have optimal internal download speeds.  A hurried reader will not wait for your amazing graphics to load.

Links – embed links to your web site and deep links to specific product pages where possible.  This will help a busy reader to click and make a purchase much faster.

SEO – all of your email marketing should include SEO keywords and phrases so that your search rankings will improve and also attract qualified leads.

Seldon Marketing has a substantial amount of experience with NYC customers including retail and B2B.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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