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What is the Best Way to Find Clients Via Google

Posted by Ben Seldon

What is the Best Way to Find Clients Via Google 

Arguably the most powerful search engine today is Google.  While Bing, Yahoo, and others play a major role with online marketing, Google is by far the supreme leader when it comes to generating leads for businesses.  images

To find clients via Google, you should have a strategy in place that can help your clients as well as your business.  When you implement tools to find clients via Google, you are actually helping the clients to find your company via Google.

Consider some of the techniques available to help your business find clients via Google:

SEO – search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique needed in order to fully utilize Google.  By implementing specific keywords and phrases on your web site and on other online content for your business, you allow Google to do a lot of the work for you.  Google will review your site using its very elaborate algorithms and determine the appropriate search ranking criteria based on the analysis.  The higher your search ranking, the more likely you will appear at the top when your target audience searches for your business.

Social media – even Google is utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+ to analyze your site and determine how easily it can be found by your potential customers.  Make sure your social media presence uses SEO properly and that you stay active and responsive to posts.

Analytics – the tools available through Google Analytics can give you a real advantage in your marketplace.  Google Analytics will provide you with key demographic information about who is currently visiting your web site.  This tool also provides the links where the search originated.  Not only can you can determine more information about your target audience, you can also learn more about the web sites they are using.  This can help you to build new opportunities through those sites and capitalize on those links.

When looking to find clients via Google, you have many opportunities to discover more detail about your potential customers as well as attract those target leads to your web site. For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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