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Top 8 Tips For Finding Clients on Google and Other Search Engines

Posted by Ben Seldon

You do not need to be the "Indiana Jones" of the Internet to find clients on Google.  Instead, you can start your quest with some solid steps that greatly increase your odds of finding success.  seo-firms

Review these tips for finding clients on Google:

Who are they?  Make a profile of your ideal client including location, income or revenue range, number of employees, and web sites that are most frequently visited.  You can start by profiling current customers through surveys or conversations.

What are you selling?  Take a hard look at the way you present your products and services online.  Is the content designed to attract your customers?  Research how your clients may search for your products and services.  Consider acronyms, nick names, and potential misspellings.

Why would they buy from you?  As part of your marketing strategy you should look at the problems that your clients encounter and how your products or services solve those problems.  For example, a med-spa can help to relieve stress or beautify someone.  Use these reasons in creating your search criteria.

How do your competitors sell?  Scout your competition and find out how they are approaching your market.  They could be the lowest price or they could have more personalized services.  It is important to understand their approach so that you can come up with a better or more unique method.

When should you make contact?  Reaching out to clients should be done sooner rather than later.  Gather as much information as you can up front, then move forward to offer your services.

What is a qualified lead?  Online leads can vary greatly from a casual visitor to a seriously interested prospect.  Note the information that you need in order to determine a qualified lead before it's handed off to the sales team.

Are there tools to use?  There are abundant tools to use for finding clients on Google.  Hubspot is just one example of a powerful tool set that can help you in this search.

Do clients find you?  With high quality content and a strong SEO strategy, you may find that clients are coming to you instead of you having to spend time searching.

Should you use a marketing partner?  In many cases, a marketing partner can help to accelerate your work while generating real ROI.

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