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How to Generate Your Own Leads

Posted by Ben Seldon

How to Generate Your Own Leads

There are ways to generate your own leads using online tips and techniques.  For business owners or managers who would like to perform their own online marketing here are some ways to generate your own leads:

online leads

Create your target audience profile – clearly understand your ideal customer and how they would interact online.  This would include web sites they would visit, days and times they would be online, geographic location and other demographics.

Develop a marketing plan – put together a thorough marketing plan for your business.  Make sure it aligns with your overall goals and contains specific strategies that you will utilize.  Some businesses may be looking to add a new product or service, while others might be expanding their customer base or adding a new location.  Clearly identify your marketing plan for the year and the steps you will take to execute the plan.

Research inbound marketing – in your marketing plan should be a component that specifies the inbound marketing strategies you will use for online activities.  This can include your company web site, email newsletters, blogs, social media, Ebooks, trade magazines, industry forums and other online activities.

Set up SEO – implement SEO in all areas of your inbound marketing channels.  This requires you to research what keywords would be best to attract your target audience and then adding those keywords as part of your regular online content.

Generate new content – routinely update your content with fresh information, regular social media posts, and responses to feedback or comments.  By keeping your online presence active and up to date potential clients will be more likely to find you.

Run analytics reports – evaluate your online strategy regularly by determining the number of leads you receive, how those leads convert to customers, and what new terms or techniques should be applied.

To generate your own leads can involve a lot of work.  Luckily there are marketing service companies that can help you through this effort.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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