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Posted by Ben Seldon

Inbound Marketing Blog

Can blogging actually help your online marketing plan?  Actually, a blog that is posted regularly and with relevant content can be a tremendous benefit to drive new visitors and cultivate existing relationships.

An inbound marketing blog should incorporate key techniques in order to get attention from the right target audience and bring additional traffic to your web site.

The following are some key criteria to include in your inbound marketing blog:

Your message needs to be clear - have a specific intent in your blog post to communicate to your audience.  The message can be about a particular product or service, a type of problem that your business can solve, or helpful information that educates the reader on your industry.  For example a plumbing company may want to blog about how to maintain household pipes and faucets.

Keep focused - always remember that the intent of your blog is to support your marketing strategy.  Avoid creating blogs that digress into editorials on subjects that do not drive the readers to take positive action for your business.

Make content lively - take different approaches with your blog content.  You can tell an interesting story about a customer who needed help and your business solved their problem.  Or you can state industry facts about how your products or services are more superior.

Use SEO - search engine optimization should be leveraged in all online activity.  By using SEO in your blogs you can increase your search rankings so that potential customers can find you a lot easier when they search in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines.

Link your blogs - use social media to inform readers about new blog posts in order to get more activity and promote your business brand.

For guidance with your inbound marketing blog initiatives Seldon Marketing has the skills and experience to establish a solid plan.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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