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Top Lead Generation For Schools

Posted by Ben Seldon

Top Lead Generation For Schools

For educational facilities, schools and institutions recruiting students can be tedious work.  With the right online marketing strategies lead generation for schools can bring you the right students to fill your classrooms.

Trade schools, colleges, specialized training programs and other education providers can utilize inbound marketing for lead generation and student recruitment.

Some of the ways to apply lead generation for schools include:

Understand your target audience – determine what type of student would be ideally suited for your school or program and build a profile based on that persona.  Include in the profile thelead generation for schools most likely web sites that the potential students would visit.

Update your school’s web site – review the content on your web site to determine if the right search engine optimization keywords are being utilized.

Utilize inbound marketing tools – leverage all types of tools including email newsletters, Ebooks, blogs, and social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.  Be sure to incorporate SEO keywords into all online content.

Use a consistent message – in all of your marketing content, be sure to use a consistent message so that visitors will not get confused on your school’s intentions.  For example if you are seeking new students then use campaigns that encourages first time visitors and new student referrals.  Keep the focus on that message for the most effective results.

Measure the results – by utilizing analytics tools you can determine how effective your current marketing strategy is and tune accordingly.  Metrics such as number of visitors, search ranking scores, and social media responses can help you to find what will work best for your target audience.

Education providers can partner with an experienced marketing service company to implement the right lead generation tool based on their specific requirements.  Seldon Marketing has extensive experience in helping schools to bring in new students and build loyalty with existing students so they will return or refer their friends. 

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