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How Much Does it Cost to Pay Someone to Comment on Your Blog

Posted by Ben Seldon

How Much Does it Cost to Pay Someone to Comment on Your Blog 

To help in promoting an online marketing campaign one technique is to pay someone to comment on your blog.  Comments and feedback will draw attention from other visitors to read and participate in the discussions.  Human nature is often guilty of not wanting to be the first, so having those first initial responses could be a benefit.


Before taking the steps to pay someone to comment on your blog, consider these points:

Properly promote your blog – make sure you post links to your blog in emails, social media, and even in industry sites as long as the blogs are considered helpful and contribute to the industry site discussions.

Encourage sharing – be sure to mention that readers can link to your blog or share the link with their connections to help spread the word.

Choose the right marketing service – the company that you use to comment on your blog should have a good understanding of your intent and goals from the blog.  The marketing firm should also have experience in this area to provide quality comments that are not obviously paid advertisements or endorsements.

Use SEO – the content of your blog should be enriched with SEO terms and phrases, and any comments should include some of these keywords in order to further enhance your search engine rankings.

Consider other advertising options also – in order to compliment your blogs consider utilizing pay per click (PPC), Facebook advertising, promoted tweets on Twitter and other options.  When carefully managed, all of these steps can help your blogs to be recognized quickly and effectively by your target audience.

An experienced marketing firm can help you make the determination whether you should pay someone to comment on your blog.  Feedback and comments are just one avenue in an arsenal of options to help promote your business.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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