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Is it Expensive to Do PPC

Posted by Ben Seldon

Is it Expensive to Do PPC

The rumors are true about pay per click (PPC) – it can be expensive.  PPC costs are not out of control in all cases, however.  PPC costs can be managed and kept under control when you have the right marketing strategy and partner to help.

PPC marketing

Some of the techniques to keep your PPC costs manageable include:

Stay focused – make sure your PPC strategy is tied to specific marketing goals.  Do not stray from those goals.  If your attention is diverted your PPC costs can grow unexpectedly.

Maintain a budget – set aside a specific amount of your marketing budget for PPC.  To determine what that allocation should be, work with your marketing partner to estimate the activities and potential PPC fees.

Monitor closely – in the beginning you may want daily or weekly updates on your PPC activities.  This can help you to watch for increases and stay within your budget.

Stick to a schedule – utilize your PPC campaign for a specific period of time with a set start and finish date.  This provides you a good snapshot of what the PPC expenses would be for a particular period.  You can always re-launch your PPC campaign or make changes and create a new PPC if you prefer.

Coordinate with all marketing strategies – make sure your PPC initiative works in concert with all of your other marketing strategies including SEO, social media, emails and other initiatives.

With the right marketing management in place for PPC you do not have to worry about the costs getting out of control.  You can also take full advantage of PPC capabilities to jump start new products or services, announce new locations or territory expansions and other business initiatives.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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