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Problems with Print Ads

Posted by Ben Seldon

Problems with Print Ads

For centuries print ads have ruled the marketing world.  In the digital age, however, there are problems with print ads that should make businesses think twice before investing in paper advertising of any sort.

problem with print ads

Some of the problems with print ads include:

Decreasing in popularity – as more people use smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers as their primary source of information there is a decreasing need to have paper for references or information.  Paper is also associated with being unfriendly to the environment, making it even less appealing as the green movement continues to spread.

Extra steps – people who see the printed ads may want additional information, which may require them to make a call, visit a store, or send a message.  Digital advertising allows a single click to find out additional information, which is more convenient.

Targeting is not reliable – while there are some direct mail or other print advertising techniques, the accuracy is not as reliable as digital search engine optimization techniques.  You could be paying for targeted print advertising, but you may not get the best leads from your investment.

Poor timing – often when a print ad is finally ready for distribution there are last minute changes or mistakes that need to be corrected.  Also a particular campaign could be well underway before the right people actually find the ad. 

Expensive – printing costs are still high compared to digital advertising, and the return on investment is not as great.

Before turning to print advertising for your next marketing campaign, consider utilizing a digital approach instead.  You may find the costs are less expensive while the returns are much better, plus you can make last minute changes much easier than with a print advertisement.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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