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Potential Problems with TV Advertising

Posted by Ben Seldon

Potential Problems with TV Advertising 

When many businesses consider advertising they may think of the traditional channels including print, radio and television.  Television advertising definitely has had a real influence in the advertising world.  But is television advertising right for your business?  In many cases an online approach can be more economical and actually more effective than TV advertising.

Consider some of the problems with TV advertising:

It is tremendously expensive – a television ad can be 3 or more times more expensive than an online banner ad

Casting a wide net – on the surface it may seem an advantage that currently TV ads can beproblems with tv advertising seen by twice as many as online ads, the audience is extremely varied as well as large.  In other words, you may not catch the right fish in your net.

Not personalized – online ads can actually be tailored to persons at a geographic level or other demographics.  Television ads are designed to be broadcast over a huge population with no real personalized options.

Reasonable but not terrific conversion rates – TV ads have generally lower conversion rates from visitor to buyer than targeted online advertisements.

No measurements – there are almost no metrics available to help you determine if your TV ad is effective or not.  You can have the viewer include a keyword when they call or visit your store, but there is not much quantifiable information otherwise.

Not interactive – television ads are impersonal and have no ability for the viewer to interact.  Online advertising allows a visitor to make a decision on the spot which is more convenient and simpler.

To weigh the pros and cons specific for your business and any potential problems with TV advertising, discuss your strategy with a marketing services provider who understands all of the advantages and disadvantages.  For more information please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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